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A Vietnam-based security company said it has broken Apple’s Face ID technology with masks worth less than $ 150. When Apple released iPhone X in September, it exaggerated its face recognition software is very good, it needs one millionth of the funds to be the wrong person to unlock. This is a statement that almost all hackers and security software around the world are challenging, and Vietnamese company Bkav seems to be the winner. The company said they made masks using 3D printing, make-up, paper and hand-molded silicone noses. The hacking team said they did not actually use a specific method to break into the phone, but instead kept adjusting the mask until the phone was unlocked.
Mask only needs 150 US dollars of production
Looking at the mask’s image, it does not look like a Cheap Halloween Costumes, but a world-record breaking hacker trick.

Bkav has completed hacking attacks on other face recognition software and said that it took only a week for them to spend about $ 150 to frighten Apple’s life. The company wrote in a blog post: “It’s easier than we thought it was to be: the iPhone hacker has not been confirmed by the outside world, and Bkav admits it is not a real issue for most iPhone users, but they do A real threat to high-end users of Apple devices, such as business or intelligence officials, wrote: “The underlying goal should not be ordinary users, but billionaires, big business leaders, national leaders Agents like the FBI need to know about face recognition. ”

Apple oversold technology
From the posts on their website it is clear that what Bkav is most concerned about is overconfident Apple told the world how well their software is and apparently not doing the right job. In an uncompromisingly straightforward position, they say: “Apple does not do that well, and face ID can be masked, which means it’s not an effective security measure.

Other security companies and amateur hackers have tried to unlock the phone with everything from masks to make-up, but so far only Bkav has publicly announced their success. Bkav said they used a relatively easy access to facial scan technology to create a map of the iPhone’s owner’s face, and then they created a 3D printed mask. The company reportedly did not respond to inquiries from other media companies, but said it would provide more details of the research at a press conference tomorrow.

The company will provide details at a press conference
Skeptics of hackers and accompanying videos question how the phone was learned from the very beginning. It may have been recognized by the church that unlike its masters, the mask-like face makes hacking easier. If the hacker turns out to be true, the simple fact is that being able to recognize the eye from a simple 2D printout is the most worrying one.

The leaked Apple patent that preceded the release of iPhone X gave many people an idea that cell phones need to look at their eyeballs to unlock. However, if the 2D image breaks the phone, it means the user is locked, unconscious, sleeping or even dead, and can unlock the phone.

The company revealed more details about the way they hacked the iPhone X, including a live demonstration of hackers at a press conference this morning. Watch the video below for more information.


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