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William Shatner revealed that he used to wear Michael Myers mask on Halloween and was also a trick. This is a well-known trivia. The unforgettable blank mask of Michael Myers is actually the mask of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, painted white and changed for the film. The mask was actually created by the Shatner actor in the cult film The Devil’s Rain, and then made some cheap Kirke Captain masks.

Halloween production designer Tommy Lee Wallace has created two potential masks, one is the creepy clown mask and the other is the Shatner mask, which is easy to feel creepy. John Carpenter’s Halloween script describes Michael’s mask as a blank face. The idea is that Miles must wear a mask to appear. The mask is not really similar to Shatner, but subsequent sequels will further change the appearance to avoid any similarities.

Shatner himself is very aware of the origin of the mask, although he rarely comment on this topic. In a new interview with EW, the actor talked about his desire to have some economic ties with the Halloween collection, and he used to wear a mask to trick or treat with his child.

What I can tell you is that they found it in a toy store or somewhere. I don’t have a movie. Maybe you can negotiate for me! When my children are young, they will go to deceive or treat, I will go with them, I will wear a mask. If [people] don’t give them candy, I will take off the mask and blow a kiss.

Given the iconic nature of masks and Halloween movies, Shatner certainly hopes that he will get some financial benefits from it, but he seems very humorous. Halloween producer Marque Akade joked that the actor might make a guest appearance in a future sequel and might face Michael face-to-face, although it is a joy for fans, but it may be a bit too much.

Nearly ten years after leaving the screen, Blumhouse’s recent sequel to Halloween 2018 really reinvigorated this franchise. The film has achieved great success and even made Michael Myers feel scared again. In the new entry, Michael wears a mask from his original 1978 rampage, which seems to have been weathered for forty years. The mask itself is not based on the mask used in the original, but is created specifically for new films – even less similar to William Shatner.


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