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In the past few years, I will think of the perfect Cheap Halloween Costumes a few days or days after the festival. I will never write down this idea for some reason. I might give my memory more credit than it deserves – I sometimes go to the store to buy toilet paper only to come back to a few other items, but no toilet paper.

My friends usually host a Halloween-themed party (they’ve completed Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland and Jurassic Park) and did not hold one this year. In fact, there is only one party invitation this season – my brother and his wife celebrated the festival on the first Saturday in November. My first thought was to dress up like Georgie from “It”. Simple costumes only need to buy a yellow rainy smooth and red helium balloon, and then make a paper boat. But by the end of October, I did not buy a raincoat.

The backup plan is to repeat my Elliott and E.T. costumes. A few years ago, I put the last minute of clothing together, wearing a red zipper hooded sweatshirt, put my ET in a towel with a doll in my bicycle basket, which is placed inside a bag of Rees Gadgets, which are tied with a belt, tied to my waist. This garment is very popular and easy to be known to parties.

But on Halloween, I realized that my autumn coat reminds me of a Corey Feldman wore in the 1980s teen vampire movie “The Lost Boys.” clothes. All I needed was a red cloth around my forehead, a stump, maybe a cross. very simple. Very cheap. Quite my style.

My Edgar looks to be posted on Facebook, depending on the number of people I like and it will be the party’s job. Again, considering that most of my friends are over the age of 30, I wonder if anyone in their 20s will know who Corey Feldman is, let alone who Edgar Frog is. It’s kind of like I told people 10 years younger than me When I wanted to dress up as a quail, they said, “Whose?” (The Quail is a “Doug” super character from the Nickelodeon cartoon series.)

During the party, I was asked if I was one of the “supernatural” Winchester brothers on television. Otherwise, no one asks me what my clothing is, but if they are just vampire hunters, I will be cool. Sometimes, based on a person’s knowledge of popular culture, my clothing is a little less recognizable. I admit, sometimes even my popular culture references encounter strange appearances in normal life, requiring a brief explanation. A bit like my friend refer to “Dr. who”, “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” – I do not know whether to clarify.

Given these last-minute 80’s clothing is over, I am thinking of keeping up with this pattern. Maybe next year I’ll look at my own stuff and think, “Hey, the shirt reminds me of the 1980s movie or TV character.” Although I really wish I could get together with a small group of friends, some Yellowish, with a box of cookies, put on the “Beverly Hills” girl’s figure.


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