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Halloween shop is facing criticism of Halloween Costumes Outlet the sale of children for Anne Frank clothing.

The popular online clothing retailer Halloween Network has used the wigs, berets and brown bags to list the controversial costumes. Sold nearly 25 euros, this dress quickly floated up Twitter, where they were smashed the product.

The clothing is described as follows: “The Second World War rocked the world in unexplained ways. It showed us real and meaningful things. It also created some unexpected heroes, even as an Anne Frank The young girl, just a diary and hope, can be the inspiration for all of us.

Anne Frank Center spokeswoman commented on Fox News’s “offensive” clothing. “There are more appropriate ways to commemorate the legacy of Anne Frank, rather than through Halloween costumes, which is objectionable, trivial pain and the suffering of millions of people during the Holocaust.We are pleased that the clothing has been pulled , “Alexandra DeVitt said.

The retailer recently collapsed and apologized for the product.

However, other retailers are selling similar Anne Frank-style clothing for Halloween. If you visit the site of Halloween Spot, you will find a comparable toilet called “Escape Girl Clothing”.

Candy apple clothing sells the same flower basket, keeping the daughter of the buyer will look “beautiful and historically accurate her school game or item in our girl’s World War II Evacuee girl costume”. Amazon also sells the same clothing as Halloween, but calls it “World War II Escape Girl”.


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