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What is the perfect idea of ​​Halloween?

Does it include interesting Cheap Halloween Costumes, mischief and haunted house combinations? Or visit the pumpkin patch?

If traveling to find the ideal Halloween experience is part of the plan, then you will be lucky. RewardExpert has released a report that points out the best Halloween City in each region of the country.

The Travel Rewards website has studied the 20 most populated areas in the Midwest, South, West and Northeastern regions to determine the Halloween resort for each area. This ranking depends in part on the Halloween activities of each city, but also seriously affects the climate, safety, price and convenient transit.

According to this standard, the report says St. Paul, Minnesota is the best midwestern Halloween city; Austin, Texas is the best choice for the South; Portland, Oregon ranks the highest in the west; and Bridgeport, Connecticut East of the place.

After the leaves have changed, there is no better travel time than Halloween. It is an exciting holiday, all the cities around the country for citizens and tourists to provide all the sites, so that they have a ghostly time. ”

According to RewardExpert, here are the top five Halloween cities across the country.


Sao Paulo, Minnesota

Sao Paulo offers crisp autumn weather, which is an easy city for visitors to come here. The RewardExpert report recommends some fun in the Wabasha Street Caves (a haunted monster hiding place).

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is a trick or a handler’s paradise because of high walking ability and bike scores. This is also the third most secure city in the area. As for Halloween’s specific activities, the collective family travel has a lot of pollen and corn fans.

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Midwest rock city offers warm autumn weather and great walking ability. The entire city host Halloween concert venue, in order to replace candy and clothing, please check the Cleveland Beer Week.

St. Louis, Missouri

If you are a runner, looking for a good Halloween destination, RewardExpert suggests St. Louis. Go on! The St. Louis Halloween game offers everything from 5K to half marathon.

Minneapolis Minneapolis

In addition to being a very affordable city, Minneapolis offers typical autumn weather for leaf seekers, making this Halloween traveler preferred in the area.


Austin, Texas

Austin is top in the South because it is an interesting, safe and cheap place to visit – just what travelers may want. In addition to the vehicle, the upper half of each category scores. As for the Halloween event, Austin has a lively city center with a variety of family options.

City of San Antonio, Texas

Alamo (which is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country) spoke highly of ghost tourism, making this city the first choice for Halloween. There are a variety of other activities, as well as temperate climate. San Antonio is easy to ride a bike.

Dallas, Texas

Yes, another city of Texas. But the convenience and affordability of Dallas – it’s the cheapest Texas city in the RewardExpert list, which is another good choice for Halloween travel.

Raleigh, North Carolina

One of the safest cities in the south, Raleigh is a great trick or resort. If you are interested in watching the changes in the new city’s leaves, then the city will also provide incredible autumn leaves.
Arlington, Virginia

Arlington’s two-person dinner wanders around $ 20 per person. Some pumpkin beer bathing, eating Halloween spirit According to RewardExpert, each has only three dollars. If you are looking for a city to celebrate your dollar for a long vacation, it is Arlington.


Portland, Oregon

Compared with any other city in this area, Halloween’s per capita family life and adult-centered activities are more. In addition, it is a safe, cheap, offering a pleasant climate. The inspector should check the Shanghai tunnel.

San Diego, California

All 20 of the safest cities are in the study, Santiago also offers the best climate on the list. Parents can feel safe with children here to make trouble or treatment. As for the adult Halloween event, the Black Pearl Halloween Party (triple yacht on the clothing party) is one of the coolest choices in the country.

Sacramento, California

Unlike most cities in California, Sacramento is quite affordable, and that’s why it got a place on the RewardExpert list. In general, the city is the upper part of each category in the study.

Tucson, Arizona

If the heat is you are looking for Halloween, then RewardExpert will find the destination. Tucson Spa is the hottest area of ​​all the study cities, up to 90 degrees above (as low as 70 degrees below).

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Prison Museum, the St. Nicholas Hotel, the Empire Hotel and the Colorado Springs Monsters are just a horror of the horror fans starting in Colorado Springs.


Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport’s friendly haunted spot is one of the best attractions in the country. In addition, the city offers the original fall climate.

Boston, Massachusetts

RewardExpert reports Boston as a haven for families traveling for vacation. It is one of the safest major urban areas in the country, ranked second in the country, easy to transport.

There are also various travelers’ activities. Families can view Brick-or-Treat at Legoland Discovery Center. Those who seek a party can go to Titanic Masquerade, a four-story dress on a yacht.

Buffalo, New York

October is the autumn weather at Buffalo Peak, RewardExpert said, which seems to be the city’s biggest reason for ranking in Halloween travel. There are many leaf trails that can be viewed, for example in Lake Hoyt.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth offers a lot of work for the family, safe and reliable. Warinanco Park is the ideal place for autumn walks.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RewardExpert said Pittsburgh is the best choice for Halloween travelers. It is a cheap place to have a bunch of bars, restaurants and family activities.

North Congelier House is a good searcher. Halloween bar crawling is quite a party, the city’s Halloween event offers something for the whole family.


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