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The cycle of the Halloween Costumes Outlet PSA is becoming the parent of the dream of the thing. But unlike the horror of the clown or candy, which contains the THC dose that has plagued people’s mental changes a few years ago, lice is the biggest concern this year. Although the lice is not a major health problem, but those itching bug disease is outright annoying, because it took a day to clean the home and lift the child can prove.

According to sources, doctors every year to see the head lice jump, not because of the beginning of school, but because of Halloween clothing shopping. That Frankenstein mask or witch’s hat may be really attractive, but you may want to avoid the opportunity of family self-seeking, because something else can be hidden there.

“We now have a lot of people going to the store, trying to masks, trying to dress and trying to wig, and many people do not have much thought that there are a few people who can try them before them” pediatric nurse Cherie Sexton tells WTOL.

In order to prevent this situation, please try not to wear any mask or hat until you go home and treat clothing correctly. Washing, soaking or drying clothing at high temperatures (greater than 130 degrees Fahrenheit), or sealing the garments in plastic bags for 48 hours before wearing, should be done because the head lice should die in the 24-48 hours of human hosts.

But sometimes it may be difficult to wait to try the clothes until you go home. How do you know if fit, right? If you or your child has to try out the clothing in the store, the expert recommends wearing a swim or wig hat to protect the hair from the clothing surface.

If you end up with a lice infection in your hand, then you can expect many parents to be familiar with the five emotional stages of lice anxieties. Follow our step-by-step guide to get rid of them. And remember that you are bigger than those creepy crawlers! Keep calm and horrible.


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