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If you have a child of any age, if Wonder Woman is a popular costume for Halloween this year, do not be surprised. With the influence of the film so that girls around the world (and boys) to Cheap Halloween Costumes stimulate and empower, this year, from childhood to adult everyone is red and blue. If your little heart is everyone’s favorite feminist superhero, you have a very important task to learn how to dress up your child as a miracle woman of Halloween. Fortunately, although Wonder Woman is far from basic, but her clothing is quite simple, you can re-create any size you need. Suitable for children to embrace the heroes of this Halloween heart.

While technically you can simply run almost any clothing store and buy a magical woman costume so that it is really a cheap and higher quality option that will allow your kids to dress up and save the world at Halloween and for a long time After the end of the holiday.

There are many ways to make this dress, but perhaps the easiest way is to use the material you have placed at home, to destroy a few pieces, and to buy some cheap supplies to complete the appearance.


In her Youtube video, Koukla Forever explains how she used her old T-shirt, skirt and colored paper to create her own Wonder Woman costume.

It’s easy to find a red shirt ($ 9) with a Wonder Woman logo, but you can paint your paint on the red tee or buy a gold foil ($ 6).

The skirt may be worth buying a new ($ 12, elementary school) or use, but if you feel the internal tailor, please use the “Made Everyday” this tutorial and sew a simple skirt with blue fabric.


If you go all out to dress, your miracle will undoubtedly need a shield to accomplish this appearance. You can purchase one ($ 10) or use this Youtube tutorial to create your own version from Cam Creates. All you need is a few rounds of cardboard and some black and gold paint.

Wrist and crown

Once you have the basics of clothing, it is time to make wristbands and crowns. If you want a quick and easy way, follow Koukla Forever on Youtube and make it from the yellow card. Simply measure the length of your child’s wrist and cut out two long strips of long strips. Cut out three red stars, one arm and one crown, then stick them together, and put them on your child.

Then put your wrist arm around your wristband. To do the crown, cut out a template and track your final version. Punch on each side, and use the pin to the crown fixed to the daughter’s hair.

Make-up and hair

While this piece is completely optional, but your little girl may want to be full of charm of the woman’s hair and make-up feel extra charm.

Buy a miracle woman’s wig ($ 10) is probably the easiest route unless your child has a thick long black hair and you can curl yourself.

For make-up, go simple, have some clear lip gloss and a little eye shadow that makes your hero feel part.


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