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Martha Hanier believes sports needs souvenirs in southwestern Michigan.

In addition to the big retailers, almost no choice, she began in 2003 along the Red Arrow Expressway season pass – in St. Joseph on the way to Stevensville.

From the shirt to the bumper stickers, Cheap Halloween Costumes Season Pass has become the red arrow fixture, professional and college team clothing.

In the years she opened, she had a strange request for clothing, she wore a special sweatshirt, did not seem to get rid of.

Chanel and the pioneer bronze work writer Tony Wittkowski (Tony Wittkowski) sat down to talk about her store and her relationship with the movement.

What makes you want to open a season ticket

My husband has died next to him there is a phone shop, where people are going to move out. I need something that makes me busy. I have just become a workaholic to cope with his death. I look around the community to see what it needs, not a sporting goods store. So, ta da

Are you a big sports enthusiast?

I’m. Soccer first, then baseball. I’m cheering for the Tigers in Michigan, Lions (groan), tigers. You know that the usual suspects.

Sorrow I am also a lion fan.

Someone must (laugh).

Do you like sports memory?

I went to the tiger airport and got a flying ball. But I did not do anything. It fell on my seat and I turned and saw it coming. It falls on my seat and everyone is looking for it. Do not remember whether it is a foul ball. I do not remember the player anymore.

I just tend to (ball), and everyone is looking for it.

What is this time?

Gauss, that was seventies. I’m a big Al Kaline fan. I do not have a ball.

Which of the three teams you list is your favorite?

tiger. This year is bad. I really hate to see (Justin) Verlander went.

What is the favorite memory you’ve seen here?

Well, (Chicago) Cubs win the passion of the World Series. Nice to see the joy of the fans. That’s neat

How do you decide what to buy?

At the beginning I spent a lot of money on the jersey. I have all these jerseys, and soon the players start trading, are injured, or have not played. So no one will want that jersey. But these jerseys are not cheap, so I decided not to do it anymore.
When buying jerseys, I have to get small, medium, large, oversized, double XL, home and sweatshirts. It was a player. As time went by, almost all the jerseys were sold. I left one, and I could not even sell it as a Halloween costume (pointing to the Detroit Lions quarterback Joy Harrington’s jersey).

Do you have years of precious souvenirs?

Well, Tom Izzo signed a basketball for me, and Terry Bradshaw signed a football for me. I have them at the top of the counter.

Which teams tend to sell the best?

It depends on their play. If your team does not meet the standard, you can think you can get the shirt you have. If they do well, you will think “I need a new shirt” and I have not sold it for a week (Chicago) bear project, maybe I will not.

Bear is solid, we are still selling the world series of things. The tiger’s thing is being hit.

Is there any team surprise you?

Yes. (Auckland) Raiders. I was surprised I sold them. I sold a lot of (Pittsburgh) steel man stuff. There are a lot of South teams, because we let people come to Cook (nuclear power plant) power outage. I sold a lot of Green Bay. Many Luther in this area will love wrapping workers. Only some teams always have such a picture.

What are some strange requests for you over the years?

If I could find it, I would order something. I noticed the trends over the years.

Sports wedding has been in the trend. It is also sports funeral. At the wedding, people were asked to wear the favorite team. Several brides require sportswear. They will bring a garter, we will do one.


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