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High-end kitchen supplies retailer Williams Sonoma is expanding its presence in Westbrook Outlets, despite being temporary.
Williams Sonoma has a permanent store in Halloween Costumes Outlet the retail center However, California retailers have now opened a “pop-up” store that sells furniture and furniture.
The pop-up stores are open in the free retail space, usually just a short time, sometimes selling seasonal items such as Halloween costumes or Christmas items. A spokesman for Sue Helondovitch, a spokeswoman for the export center, says the Williams Sonoma Home Pop-Up Outlet, which is open to 12,000 square meters of open space from this type of store, will be open a few weeks ago.
“This is a concept where Williams Sonoma is trying to have a permanent presence in other traditional (kitchenware) stores,” said Helondovitch, referring to an export center of Verona Beach in Florida as a retailer The concept of the pop-up store is being tried.
Williams Sonoma (Williams Sonoma) in 2004 entered the home accessories business, Williams Sonoma home in the United States and Canada, nearly 40 permanent stores,
The Williams Sonoma House currently has no permanent stores in Connecticut, but there are three in Massachusetts.
According to David Cadden, an honorary professor at the business school at Quincy Piag University, the use of a pop-up store may be an experiment at Williams Sonmoma Home to determine whether the Connecticut retail market is able to support a permanent location.
The exit center at Interstate 95 was sold in May for $ 50 million. Tanger Outlets, based in North Carolina, sells retail centers to publicly traded companies in Hoche Partners.
Cadden said the new owners could think that joining the Williams Sonoma Home, even on a temporary basis, “the retail center also added a little bit.”
Westbrook Outlets also adds high-end fashion, cheap apparel retailer H & M to its collection. The new H & M location will be the 10th retailer of the Swedish Connecticut store, which is scheduled to open next week.


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