Despite great discounts, H&M can’t get people to buy clothes

Despite a series of widespread price cuts, chain apparel chain H&M is trying to sell an additional $4 billion in merchandise – including several months of Cheap Halloween Costumes and Christmas sweaters – as consumer tastes are constantly changing and the competition is fierce, Swedish retail The business paid the price.

The company has been a darling of fast fashion for years and he says it cannot convince customers to buy clothes. H&M parent company Hennes & Mauritz said on Tuesday that sales are declining, profits have fallen to the lowest level in 16 years, and inventory has increased. The stock of the retailer fell about 6.8% on Tuesday to the lowest level since 2005.

H&M Chief Executive Officer Karl-John Persson said in a statement: “The rapid transformation of the fashion retail industry continues. “This year’s start is very difficult. The sluggish sales, together with the significant price cuts, have had a significant negative impact on the first quarter’s results. “

Analysts said that a series of factors led to H&M’s troubles. The main one is that Millennials are growing up, and they are more interested in buying well-made clothes than buying cheap ones. According to Milton Pedraza, chief executive of the New York City Institute of Luxury Studies, companies such as Zara, Topshop, Uniqlo and Asos are more competitive – all of these customers tend to be associated with higher quality clothing and better websites. Research company.

“The Millennials are looking for quality over quantity, which means they no longer need disposable products,” Pedraza said. “They don’t care about fashion, but more about classics and quality, and neither of these is what H&M can achieve.”

Analysts said that the recent response from H&M’s advertisements showed that a black child wearing a “coolest monkey in the jungle” sweatshirt might also hurt sales. After the January incident, the client was widely called for boycott. The musicians The Weeknd and G-Eazy established a cooperative relationship with the retailer and announced that they would sever their relationship with the company.

“Regardless of whether or not to ignore neglect, the real grief of 2018 and the disturbing point is that the eyes of many people (stylists, photographers, creative and marketing teams) transmit such ethnically and culturally insensitive things and are considered to be Acceptable,” G-Eazy wrote on Instagram. “I can’t associate my name and brand with a company that could make this happen.”

H&M later apologized for the advertisement, but some people in the industry stated that the company may feel far-reaching influence.

“Especially in places like South Africa, there is a huge rebound, which may make some customers say: ‘You know what? Anyway, I’m not loyal to H&M. Maybe I’ll go shopping elsewhere,’” Cornell University Professor of Fashion Design Management Tasha Lewis said.

In the most recent quarter, H&M said that inventory has increased by 7% to a record $4 billion. On Tuesday, the company’s website promoted “a further price reduction of up to 70%.” Obviously many projects have passed for months: Halloween-themed T-shirts sell for $3.99, while babies’ Santa costumes cost $4.99.

As consumers increasingly shop online and look for more unique clothing startups, overstocking has plagued the troubles of some traditional retailers in recent years. Several chain stores, including Macy’s, Cole, and Nordstrom, had reduced inventory during the holiday season last year, hoping to avoid offering large discounts on the remaining goods. The plan seems to have worked: retailers have performed most successfully during the holiday season, and many people say they do not have to resort to substantial price cuts.

“We maintain a healthy inventory, which means we don’t need extra discounts to clean up inventory,” said Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Genette on a recent call with analysts. “Our promotions have been disciplined.”

However, this is not the case with H&M. As the world’s second-largest clothing retailer (owned by Zara’s Inditex), analysts said the company is particularly vulnerable to consumer interest. H&M’s quarterly sales began to decline at the end of last year.

Andreas Inderst, an analyst at the Macquarie Group in London, said: “Customers expect great conflicts with the products delivered by the company. “This is an industry-wide issue, but for H&M, it has become a Particularly noticeable problems. ”

At the same time, company executives said they plan to further discount in the second quarter because they want to reverse H&M’s business. The company is also preparing to launch a “cheap market” called Afound, which will sell H&M and other brand discounts.

Admire the clown among this petrified vicious evil eye

St. Louis’s annual legendary World of Halloween Costumes Outlet and Attractions show has just ended a wonderful and wonderful weekend, showing the most exciting items, horror films, special effects systems, costumes and masks prepared for Halloween ghost industries and theme parks around the world.

One of the absolute exhibitors on display at this terrible trade show was the 11-foot-high Pennywise the Clown animatronic prop created by a twisted wizard from Unit 70 Studios.
This crazy spy devil is evolving into the true form it acquired from Andy Muschietti’s killer IT story film and Stephen King’s IT novel, a giant spider animal that we desperately hope to see in the next movie sequel.

If there wasn’t a screaming little George swinging like a fish hanging on a fishhook, what would Pennis look like, completely his yellow raincoat and rubber pouch?

Halloween Costumes Outlet

Unit 70 Studios in Columbus, Ohio is one of the highlights of the Halloween Costumes Outlet business, selling zombie, dead bodies, monsters and madmen to professional haunted houses and amusement park owners.

Founder Bo Bruns talked to SYFY WIRE over the phone, provided details on his huge Pennywise display, and explained the process of its terrible birth.

“It was entrusted and submitted in the performance of the Halloween production company and they made some requests based on the Pennywise role in the film “IT” that intersected the spider in 2017,” Bruns said.

This nearly 800-pound prop took more than two months to design and complete, with hand-sewn garments made by Burren’s mother, Jean Bruns. The 70-cell studio has been operating since 2002 and has created many mutant monsters and custom beasts, but this is the first time a tailor-made XXXL garment has been created for an 11-foot robot predator.

The 70-unit studio and Halloween production company have collaborated in countless farce and theme events in the United States and around the world in China, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Nigeria.
“This close partnership allows Unit 70 to be set up during a Halloween show without actually presenting its work at the show, while ensuring that the Halloween production company becomes one of the centers of attention in the crowded showroom.”

Facebook’s founder slowly solves the trouble it caused

After Mark Zuckerberg broke the silent Cambridge analyst scandal last week, it was hard to argue that Facebook’s founders and chief executives said too little.

Zuckerberg wrote a 935-word Facebook post on Wednesday. He said: “We have a responsibility to protect your data. If we can’t, then we are not worth your while.” It outlines what the company is taking on users. The steps reported by the pound plagiarized the data without their consent.

He sat in a New York Times interview, Wired, a tech publication Recode, and a rare camera interview with CNN. He reconsidered and apologized, saying that the incident was “a major breach of trust,” and stated that if he believed that he was the right person, he would testify before Congress and admit that he regretfully did not tell the user in advance about their data being accessed. “I think we were wrong,” he told CNN Laurie Segall. “We are committed to moving forward.”

But despite Facebook’s postings and media interviews, crisis experts believe Zuckerberg’s personal response was too late. Although the company made a statement and other executives had spoken on social media, Zuckerberg did not make comments until four days after the crisis – this is the life of today’s crisis script.

“I believe you have 15 minutes to master these things,” said Davia Temin, coach and manager of reputation issues. She said Facebook defines real-time for our world, so the expectation is that they are also real-time. “

In other words, this kind of late response is that it comes from Facebook’s CEO. After all, Zuckerberg, in addition to Twitter, has created a platform that may be the most responsible – and hopes leaders will immediately speak. Zuckerberg, even if he unwittingly opened the microphone, is always looking forward to executives using it.

Zuckerberg’s platform has also made a significant contribution to a society that looks forward to immediate satisfaction, in which one user posts photos of the baby’s first steps or the manual meals they have just eaten, and eagerly waits for their friends’ “likes”. ” and comments.

“For companies that have done too much to create an instant-reaction society, the problem of not responding to CEOs in real time is surprising,” said Carreen Winters, chief strategy officer at MWW PR.

Facebook is also one of the major contributors and hopes that companies – especially companies like Facebook – should be more human. As Wired Senior Writer Jessi Hempel wrote in a column on Wednesday, “After ten years after the launch of the Internet, he was much older than most people’s instincts. People began to believe in personal trust in companies and build the best of 21st century companies. The way is to build it in the name of one person. “I quoted him in Bloomberg Business Week last fall. Zuckerberg said, “People believe in people, not organizations.”

Therefore, Zuckerberg did not evade Facebook’s face. He positioned himself as a person to watch – a man who took part in a 50-state tour, met Silicon Valley engineers with military veterans in Kansas, ordered cheese steak in Philadelphia and a tractor in Wisconsin. He often posts family photos on his web pages, followed by 105 million people, such as his daughter’s first day preschool or his family’s Wholesale Halloween Costumes (persons from “Wild Places”).

This is not the chief executive who expects to wait a few days to speak of the crisis in his company. Zuckerberg said in an interview with The New York Times, “I really want to ensure that we have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of everything that happens” to answer questions about delays. “I know there is a lot of pressure to say quickly, but my assessment is that what we are saying is completely accurate. This is even more important.” An e-mail sent to a Facebook spokesperson did not immediately reply.

Although it is very important to not rush to judge, the crisis consultant said there is an immediate way.

“I would rather see him continue talking – say a little, then a little more, then a little more,” Tai Ming said. That way, “he will become a trustworthy voice in his own crisis.”

This problem – trust – is another reason why CEOs are quick to respond. Seth Linden, president of public relations at Dukas Linden, stated that there is a time gap between the initial crisis and the CEO’s first response. “I think this creates more skepticism. Doing this “helps you not have to deal with it.” The narrative. ”

This also helps prevent people from doubting whether the response is too elaborate. “Speed ​​is about honest presumptions,” Winters said. “Speak soon” largely determines what you hear is fact, not something that has been legalized. “

In other corporate flaps – price rises, transparent yoga pants, a CEO’s hoarseness comment, the risk is not high. However, when the problem at hand is the user’s trust in the company’s ability to protect personal data – not to mention the role of data in the election of our national leaders – the risk is enormous.

“The higher the bet, the faster you want to grow your flag,” Taiming said. “These risks can be said to be the highest of any corporate crisis we have seen for a long time.”

Spring comes to Shuto Con and its loyal fans

In the past seven years, Lansing has shown that not only has trees bloomed or snow melted in the spring, but also thousands of anime lovers strolled through the city’s waterfront – awesome or angry, bewildered onlookers By.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

“We went to the local university and said ‘We are working on an animation conference. You should come!’ We expect to have about 300 people, and we ended up with 1300,” said Stefanie Shall, founder of Shuto Con, reviewing the convention in 2011. Debut of the year. Lansing’s eighth annual Shuto Con opened at the Lansing Center on Thursday.

What is anime convention? If you are familiar with any typical comic fan party, you will leave. The main difference is the exchange of Batman for Pikachu.

Shuto Con’s costumes include wearing clothing – in this case called cosplay – video game competitions, the prosperous market of Japanese toys and electronic products, dance parties and various panelists. In essence, this is the sensory burden of the Lansing anime fans for three days.

“I’ve always been interested in animation conventions, but I don’t know that there is a place very close to where I live,” said Kelsea O’Meara, 24, of Shuto Con frequenter. “My husband said, ‘You should go with me!’ We went and I have been obsessed since then.”

Conventions like Shuto Con appeal to many people because they provide fans with the opportunity to meet the talent behind the animation industry. This casual interaction between fans and creators or actors is not as common as other media, helping to make animation more of a lifestyle than just a hobby.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Talking with Congoles shows that Shuto Con not only provided a space for crazy weekends. According to people, Shuto Con can resonate with their deepest personal emotions. Many Congolese describe their favorite animation convention as a second home.

“It’s kind of sentimental. I called my ‘family crooks’, ‘through my husband, I introduced my brother and his children, and now my mother is attending for the first time this year,’ O’Milla said.

The Anime Convention was described by certain Congolese as one of the few places where they felt completely unrestricted by society. Masquerade-like environments provide a powerful social lubricant that allows wallflowers to eventually feel less conscious.

“Part of the reason is that we don’t appear in our capacity. It takes a certain degree of insecurity because people don’t see our true self,” said 20-year-old Rachel Walkowski, Mr. Shuto Con. “They see a character. When someone shouts out your character’s name and sees you with great excitement, this special satisfaction and satisfaction.”

“I can’t just yell at the people in the street, ‘Hey green girl, you look cute!’ And in a scam, this is a more open atmosphere,” added Walkowski.

For all types of social interactions, having a spacious, open and free environment will give people a sense of unity.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

“Whoever you are, no matter who you are, there will always be a very strong sense of community and desire.

I have become more accepting people to do all sorts of interesting things, “said 41-year-old Shume Con manager Jaime Peralez. “If you have fun, why not enjoy yourself? When I was there, this was the spirit that I felt. There is a great friendship. “

Since 2014, Peralez has started from South Dakota and joined Shuto Con with his wife, Sarah Vaa, where they took time out for their joint love of cosplay and animation. Like Peralezes, many Congolese fanciers’ love relationships have either developed in the animation convention or they have developed.

When Shuto Con’s community Facebook page asked the question “How did you meet your important person?”, there was a surprising answer in Shuto Con. These couples explain how their chemical reactions evolved, and they are often as simple as enjoying the same animation. In last year’s Shuto Con role-playing game, Congolese player Alex Kearns recommended to hundreds of people on the stage of his girlfriend Brandy Kaye Kearns. .

For some Congolese, role play is the only important thing. Many participants only visit the convention to show off their cosplays or to appreciate the works of others.

Those with special talents can use lines and needles to even find a career in role playing, similar to an Internet celebrity who makes a living from social media.

From a tourism perspective, they seek out profitable top prizes in role-playing competitions. Or they just earn cash through anime fans’ commissions, hoping to impress people. “I made Wholesale Halloween Costumes with friends based on a program that we all liked and entered role-play,” said 36-year-old fanatic rival Kristie Good. “Then I discovered that you can go for years of dress up and others dress up. I’m like ‘this is the best!'”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Good does not choose clothing made solely from aesthetics, but through the degree of association with the character. This aspect of clothing becomes a gorgeous expression of personality and identity. Although outsiders may be able to dress in poorly constructed clothing, and these clothes are often many, it is difficult to hate homemade mecha clothing and it seems to have come straight out of the comic page.

“Some people will say, ‘Oh, if you haven’t succeeded yourself, it’s not really cosplay’, but a large part of the community says, ‘You’re in a costume, have you had fun? Then, yes, you’re Cosplay,” said so. “For me, it’s all for fun. Role playing is for everyone. Even if you can’t sew or think you’re not the right figure, you can still play the role. Don’t let anything stop you.”

Shuto Con has a firm security space policy, which allows anyone to feel uncomfortable under any status, be it race, gender or sexual orientation. However, the 18-year-old black told Yagichi Gist that the community can still be improved.

“While we have grown up in people with different shapes and skin tones in cosplay, there are always a few people who dismiss their role play because they are not the correct height, weight or colour,” Ghist said. “When I played Mercy from Overwatch, I had a lot of enthusiasm, but someone said, ‘Isn’t she white? Isn’t she a Caucasian? Why do you want to play her?'”

Shuto Con is also well-known in its supplier room, where more than 50 merchants from across the country trade commodities. Some suppliers live on conference circuits, such as Shawna Bourne of Geeky Endeavors. “This life is definitely not for everyone. It’s very difficult. From long trips to not knowing if your show will succeed, and if you need to tighten your belt for some time,” said Bourne. “The convention is very popular, and oversaturation is a real thing. We pay close attention to the economy.”

The animation community was originally an extension of the interest of Stefanie Shall, the founder of Shuto Con, but with the development of Shuto Con, it actually took over her life.

However, just like most of those who have engaged in passionate careers, she did not complain. Her loyalty may be the best concept, directly in her heart’s con mascot, a cartoon named Sumi-jaki. Because Shuto Con can continuously attract thousands of people, she and her staff are doing the right thing.

The original figure for 2011 was 1,300, which has climbed to nearly 6,500 paid participants since 2017. It is not too impractical to count on one day, especially when the country is drawing more and more attention. Therefore, Shuto Con may surpass 10,000 – as one of Lansing’s biggest annual events.

In the University of Jacksonville, Florida, her passion for comics was formed. After she returned to Central Michigan, she was surprised by the lack of similar scenes to the north.

“Every weekend I have a meeting in the Florida area. This is what I’m used to. When I moved to Michigan in 2009, the situation there was not that much. Youmacon in Detroit and JAFAX in Grand Rapids,” explains Road. “What I want in Lansing, because there is nothing in the country.”

After the original idea has been conceived, as long as her meeting does not create schedule conflicts for potential participants, you should consult the organizers of Youmacon and JAFAX and accept their blessings.

Her experience of running animation clubs in her school in Florida kept her in close touch with the heads of several conferences in Florida. She already had a photo of how she had stripped herself off.

“In business clubs, I got to know a lot of organizers and they are holding events there,” Shall said. “When I started forming a small employee to run Shuto Con’s different departments, the leadership I learned from the club helped me out of trouble.”

The team successfully rented the Lansing Center and booked a series of guest entertainment programs for the day without too much trouble. However, they found themselves caught in an uncontrollable situation and in a crazy environment, when they expected to appear more than twice the number.

“We have been arguing because we don’t know how to deal with everything. But what happened to us is indeed a happy thing. Because of this, we can continue every year,” Shall said.

Although Shel was the face of Shuto Con, she knew that this agreement would be impossible without her staff.

“My staff really strengthened this year by helping me deal with the many aspects that I would normally undertake myself,” Shall said. “I cannot thank you for this. We are all committed to this year’s development.”

D-I-Y. or not.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I thought I might be a jealous person.

I’m wrong.

My mother can do anything, or when I am young, I can do anything: She can sew clothing, including Halloween costumes and doll costumes; she makes macramé plant hangers and belts; she uses clay to create Christmas ornaments.

She also made furniture for my Brownie army and my brother’s Cub Scout study, crocheting blankets and planning refurbishment and repairs. To be honest, the Scouting program is usually more interesting, perhaps because there are fewer boys and small rooms in our house that can enter the basement, which means running water and overflowing areas that are not important.

The only craft I accept is cross stitch, which is more dependent on the ability to follow directions than any natural creativity. It also applies to anything I like involving the grid: crossword puzzles, whether traditional or non-graphic; Scrabble; Tetris. But when Caroline was born 20 years ago, I expressed my thoughts more or less. I can’t leave because of the needle stuck around the house.

I bought a book about knitting and made two child-size scarves, one for Caroline and one for Frank. If I go back and do needlework at any time, weaving may be my first choice.

But no one really asked for my input this spring.

This is Spring Teresa in the second grade, so she is doing a series of book reports. One is a diorama, meaning cut, glued and painted, made of clay. Yes, this is her project. Yes, she is doing most of the work, but she needs some guidance and supervision (not to mention cutting cardboard. She can’t do it yet).

Compared with helping Frank to fold 100 small houses for one of his elementary school projects, this is really not a big deal. Perhaps the hardest part is getting up and letting her do it.

This is also the spring of Teresa’s first communion, which means that we must hang a banner of feeling at the end of the first sacred mass family seat. I have an idea of ​​how to do this project; these instructions are relevant to me. Frank and Caroline used the same banner, including the all-capital “No flicker!”

I heard that other parents bought a feeling letter to spell out their surnames; our work is too long.

However, when I cut the letter, I would have time to think about Teresa’s first communion and have time to pray for her.

Maybe make a gene to skip generations. Maybe when her children need baby clothes, they can let her do it. Because I asked not to work.

Vodaf, Brutt won extra green on St. Patrick’s Day 5K

As the mayors of the Lower Mainland crowded around to discuss how to move people and vehicles around these crowded parts, Saturday morning showed “fast traffic” in Stanley Park.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Natasha Wodak was watching with her proud mother, and at the 15:39 BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K New Canadian Women’s Record. Lucas Bruchet cut his previous men’s court record for 10 seconds and easily won at 14:12.

Wodak set a 5K record at 15:42 in 2006 by Carol Montgomery in Cornerbrook, Kentucky. She won a $500 victory, plus Saucony’s $250 prize in the course record.

Natasha Wodak won one of the cheques for 5K on Saturday in record time.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

If you are a runner, you can appreciate how fast this is. The last uphill mile in this popular event in Stanley Park can break many dreams for the best personal results. Alas, I don’t even dream so fast!

But wait – for what sounds like a deepwater ad – 75 players in more than 1,400 games have heard of completing the game in 17 minutes. The game organizers Karen Warrendorf and Steve Martina stated earlier that they would like to see a one-fifth obstacle.

Levi Neufeld of Trinity Western University claimed that this is an amazing 4:12 fastest mileage bonus. He eventually won sixth place.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Of course, for most contestants, the biggest attraction is the running party. Anything green and weird has become a mandatory dress to do this special racial justice. Saturday’s game fell on St. Patrick’s Day, which made it even more special.

Tilman von de Linde and Debra Kato show off their green and show their green and ham at the BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K at Stanley Park on Saturday.

One Vancouver-loving costumer, Tillman Von Drind, said that when his big goblin hat hit the tree in the last corner of the game, his shot in raising the 5K PB was weakened.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

“I still finished like the boss at 25:03. Even so, I still think I can’t beat my 2017 time of 24.52,” Tillman said, surprised by the timing of the elite and Olympics players, plus “One person in the age group of 70 to 74 completed in 19 minutes and 55 seconds. This is fast!”

The individual was Jim Wallin of North Vancouver, which was one of many success stories of the day. For all results, click here.

Debra Kato of West Van Run Crew took many wonderful pictures while wearing her fun clothes, but the highlight was that she pretended to cry.

“I didn’t win prizes,” Kato laughed. “I’m not happy you’re not here! I know you must be the 76th to break 17 minutes!”

Flattering will leave you everywhere Debra… but if you want to see all her fun, funny photos, click here!
Brenda Kerslake, Gord Kurenoff and Debbie Elliott won the championship at the Ald Grove Regional Park on Saturday and Langley cooperated with the Aldergrove Sun Run InTraining clinic.

Sisterhood intensifies the dress game

As Ms. Kato correctly pointed out, I did not participate in the Stanley Park on Saturdays, but the alert still quickly began participating in the annual Sun Run InTraining between St. Patrick’s Day and the Langley and Aldergrove Consortium in the Aldergrove Regional Park.

You really got the most popular male award – there are several competitors but no bribe judge! – But more importantly, the sisters Brenda Lake and Debbie Eliot were voted best dresses.

I have been training with these fantastic GALA for more than four years, and during this time they have made great progress in the clothing sector. Elliot is now one of the respected Langley leaders and once mocked me for dressing up. She thinks the costume is for Cheap Halloween Costumes or children, but it is completely absurd for running.

In fact, Eliot used to call me a frustrated clown. “He must have ripped off Bozzo’s worst clothes.” The boss made me accustomed to hearing such irony!

Bob Eliott, who once used to run a clothing frown, changed her thinking and her game dress. Vistas running in Maple Ridge last year didn’t even have a theme!

Now Eliot is the person who pushes the topic to run or seek a way out. In May of last year, she ran Vistas Run in Maple Ridge. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and cloak, she dressed her PNE donut as a donut. She dressed up as a cowgirl, superhero, Valentine’s Day, Power Ranger. And Mighty Mouse. Every week, she shows wild tights and some fashion accessories at training clinics. Anyway, running has a theme and she dresses up anyway!

“You created a monster, Gordon. Now, she’s dressing us all up,” said Kerslake, who will celebrate his birthday on Saturday. “Sometimes we have to go the other way because we look stupid. We tried to tell her that not all things must have clothing, but she is really obsessed. She may need the same help as Gord!”

Amazing. My fault!

On Monday, I will talk more about Langley Aldgrove’s workouts and focus on Dennis Nikolato, the coordinator of the veteran Ald Grove Clinic. He said that he never likes to run before his wife Joanne “bridges” the Vancouver Suns to run 10K.

Now he likes it – even dressed in Cheap Halloween Costumes!

Fendi Studio celebrates the brand’s award-winning apparel

The fashion company opened an archive in Rome, which included Oscar-winning costumes in films such as “Marie Antoinette” and “Budapest Grand Hotel”.

If you were in Rome this spring, you may want to look at the interactive exhibition on the first floor of the fashion house headquarters to show its best cooperation in the history of the film, including some exhibitions that can win coveted golden statues.

When Fendi celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015, moving into one of Rome’s boldest historic buildings, the fashion company decided that this was the best time to open the door to the public. There is now a court in the towering Palazzo della Civilta Italiana, nicknamed Square Arena, where Fendi has designed spaces specifically for the rotating series of exhibitions.

Fendi’s current exhibition, Fendi Studios, pays tribute to the 7th Art, which is the perfect match for its new venue. Palazzo has always been a hot spot in the film industry. It opened its doors in Rome in 1945 and recently introduced Zoolander 2 in 2016. Fendi has designed costumes for more than 50 movies and TV shows over the years, from Luchino Visconti’s 1974 film “Conversation” and most recently Paolo Sorrentino’s HBO drama “Young Pope”.

Fendi has worked with legendary directors of many years, including And the Ship Sails On, Sergio Leon (formerly U.S. time), Le Bal, Lily Anna. Cavani (Berlin event), Godfather Francis Ford Coppola 3) and Michelangelo Eros.

Several collaborative projects won the Academy Award: Milena Canonero is Hugh Hudson, Marie Antoinette, Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson) and Gabriella Pescucci are Martin Scorsese.

The resulting exhibition combines green screens and interactive activities, making the small gallery a popular place for Romans and tourists. Fendi is dedicated to self-portraits and shows its history through the establishment of vocal facilities. Instagram has more than 3,000 photos tagged with #FendiStudios.

The tourists walked up the steps of the palace and entered the hall through the huge Carrara marble statues. The old ticket booth welcomes visitors. The paparazzo inside is equipped with a Fujifilm Instax camera to photograph tourists and provide souvenirs for their commemorative experience.

The first is a room dedicated to the famous car scene in the movie. Visitors can sit in the glossy red wine Alfa Romeo Cabriolet and behind them a green shielded Rome tour.

The furs on display included Madonna’s Demi Psoriasis coat worn on Evita, and the rolling number Barbara Carrera playing Fatima Blush was never defeated. Tilda Swinton’s red shawl casual coat and matching black trim swivel hat worn at The Grand Budapest Hotel are just one of the four Oscar-winning styles to win Milena Canonero.

The next room pays tribute to the New York scene. Huge mirrors introduce visitors to New York’s settings. These include Cate Blanchett’s costumes worn by Blue Jasmine and Michelle Pfeiffer in the “Innocent Age.” Meryl Streep’s royal dress wearing the Prada devil includes a maroon-striped smoking jacket and a silver fur-covered Fendi spy bag.

If you don’t pay tribute to Patricia Field and her work at Sex and the City, it won’t be New York’s room. On display are the famous To You bags, which are rooted in feathers and turned from a tramp to a clutch. Of course, there is also the notorious French bread, designed to imitate how French women carry bread under their arms.

Carrie Bradshaw’s selection package made Fendi Baguette one of the most popular accessories of the late 90s. Showcased is the original purple gold strip bread loafed by Carrie when he fell in the wrong street south of Houston. Not included in the show was Samantha, a fake golden baguette bread bought in Chinatown. After she accused the rabbit of stealing her bag, she was kicked out of the Playboy Mansion at Playboy Mansion.

The fur capes and animal print jackets from Titus of Juliet Tyler are also displayed, staggered with the back wall between the Greek columns.

Next, an infinitely mirrored corridor projects scenes from The Royal Tenenbuams. Gwyneth Paltrow’s caramel-skinned tie-skin coat became the brand’s bestseller after the film’s success. “Fendi thinks the film may allow him to participate in the on-site test,” the fashion house explained in a statement, why it brought the popular jacket to the runway after inspiring a generation of Margot Tenenbaum Halloween Costumes Outlet.

Then a upscale lounge features some of the top brands in the design, including Sharon Stone at Catwoman, Golden Boy and Instinct 2, Monica Bellucci in How Much Do You Love Me? Astuccio Fur Marisa Berenson wore clothes in “I am love,” and several other Bond girl costumes the other day.

Finally, a temporary cinema installation also offers many movies for free night watching movies. Outside the theater, it looks like a typical sound field, but inside, rows of red armchairs are separated by separate golden lights for an intimate movie night experience.

All-leather exhibitions may allow some influential people to question the timeliness of the show because the fashion trend is increasing to artificial fur. Although big fashion companies such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Armani have banned the use of fur, the foundation of Fendi, whose empire is based on fur, is doubled.

“Fendi is fur, and fur is Fendi. Fendi creates and continues to create memorable furs for Italian, European and Hollywood film productions: some are incredibly detailed statements of specific moments in history, others are unscrupulously With a creative and open explanation, “the design company said in a statement. “As always, the emphasis is on creation.”

Your halloween costume never received more political pressure

(CNN) As an obvious and predictable Halloween tradition, crimes and insulted people rot like Jack Lantern on the front porch.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

However, it seems that the agitation of black noodles, broad-brimmed hats, and external shock waves is getting heavier every year.

We are in an era where hatred has a prominent place on the national stage. But at the same time, it is also a time when we have more flexible and extensive discussions about complex issues such as race and privilege than ever before.

In this climate, Halloween costumes have become a variety of touchstones.

From blatant black prejudices to more subtle cultural misappropriations, universities and social organizations are seeking to develop reasons and reasons for certain descriptions of attacks.

As they do, they are meeting with those who condemn their feelings, like restrictive – if not dangerous – over-sensitivity.

Why is it nuanced?

Black face is certainly the most severe and most flagrant offense in clothing selection. Under this, from the obvious (terrorist costumes and the American land-based headdresses, to cite only two examples) to a more inclined series of possibly bad ideas.

For example, a recent article on good housekeeping points out men’s “adult grandma clothing.” The article said that this and other women wearing men’s joke may be considered an allergy. (The costume has been removed from Wal-Mart’s website.)

Other ideas that may be considered offensive include descriptions of sexual harassment, mental illness, or animal abuse clothing.
Then there is the concept of cultural occupation and appreciation.

At a university family gathering, there is a difference between facing a pale geisha comic and a sacred Native American headdress, such as eating another cultural food or learning another cultural language. How do you distinguish between the two?

In March, Kimberly Griffin, a professor of education at the University Parks University of Maryland, told Inside Higher Ed that students of the colored race may be more sensitive or threatened with regard to cultural possession due to hatred and changes in the social justice environment.

“Although they have experienced long-term marginalization, Latino, Black, and Native American students live in campus communities that may be more openly hostile than before,” she said. “They are still managing and guiding political speech and policy. These political speeches and policies are often marginalized at best, and the worst case is racism.”

How is it exaggerated

Earlier this month, when “Riverdale” actress Lily Reinhardt was criticized, she posted a black-and-white photograph of a young Caucasian woman’s head-to-toe with devilish details.

Angry social media users say this is an example of a black face. Reinhardt apologized.

But there is also overlapping anger, apparently the supernatural appearance is confused with the black side.

Some commentators claim that black noodles are a direct manifestation of blacks, and do not include the use of dark makeup on the faces of every conceivable person.

“A Twitter user wrote:” Dress up as a demon – not a racist. “Compare a devil and black people = racist.”

Even those who are sensitive to cultural invasion can find some anger too much.

This year’s Halloween costume website seems to offer an “Anne Frank” costume, lit up in some corners of the Internet. Various lists also describe it as “World War II costume” or “World War II Evacuation Girl.”

After a lot of online anger, a spokesperson for apparel retailer Fun Costumes apologized. In a tweet that was deleted, the company stated that the company not only sells Halloween costumes but also sells school items and repertoires.

Because there is no universally accepted guideline on what constitutes cultural encroachment, sometimes goodwill descriptions may conflict with more stringent performers. For the past two years, the healthy Disney princess “Moana” has been a favorite Halloween costume for young girls. However, some parents this year have already stated publicly that because this role is a Polynesian, the children of the non-Polynesian are equivalent to cultural possessions in this costume.

Why intention is important

In the face of more complex social acceptance, some people are skeptical – docile or otherwise – between the freedom of expression and personal responsibility, and whether there is one.

In 2015, a lecturer at Yale University publicly criticized campus advertising email warnings for Halloween costumes. She said that the university’s instructor has imposed “hidden controls” on students.

“I want to know. I don’t want to be provocative: Isn’t the children or young people having a bit of annoyance, a little inappropriate or provocative, or offensive?”

Her words caused such anger and hundreds of students protested and asked her to repatriate them. She eventually resigned, but it was reflected in the Washington Post a year later.

“I had hoped to reflect between students,” she wrote. “What happens when one’s offense is another person’s self-esteem? Is the intention or background of the person wearing the costume important? Can we always tell the difference between a mocking costume and a mockingly ignorant costume? ”

Not all clothing policing critics are so academic. For some people, wearing offensive clothing is a pleasing rebellion. This rebellion is mainly driven by maliciously harassing Hanlon and intends to provoke it.

The tasteless costume this year is “The Wall”. This is a scene on the Mexican border proposed by President Trump.

According to various voices in the great Halloween costume debate, such costumes can be understood as unforgivable racism, trolling, reliable exercise of free speech or youthful irony.

Why do we need guidelines

The University of Texas at Austin has published a series of recommendations and guidelines for costumes and theme parties. This document has existed for several years, not just for Halloween. But last year it became the favorite goal of critics who ridiculed its wide range.

The guide has been slightly updated this year, listing potentially harmful clothing and themes such as stereotypes of Asian and indigenous cultures, “fabulous slums,” “chicks and chickens,” and “pimps and gimmicks.”

It also includes questions about the theme party program, such as “Is the theme or costume referring to a living culture or character?”

Angry commentators say such advice “destroys” Halloween and threatens freedom of speech.

Fox Business covered the guidelines in the “Risks and Rewards” section this month.

“Every literature I see from these colleges emphasizes the potential impact of these destructive clothing,” said guest Allie Stuckey. “What is my problem? What are the actual effects of these garments?”

Sara Kennedy, manager of strategic and administrative communications at the university, told CNN that the guideline is not to limit or scold, but to allow students to think about the value and influence of their choice.

“After the incident, students can find out why [insensitive clothing] is a bad idea,” she said. “Although there was a lot of learning at the time, one of our goals was to help students avoid this confrontation and perhaps learn some of them without harming others or themselves.”

No matter how they are ignored

Despite widespread warnings and relevant visions of critics of social justice, a steady stream of students are still called to attack.

Last year, the Sigma Tau Gamma Brothers sent an email to all chapters before Halloween.

“Please take care of your brother’s wearing this Halloween season,” it read.

“It may be harmless to you and it may be very offensive and hurtful to others.”

A few days later, a white student from the University of Central Arkansas was photographed with a black full face that looked like a Bill Cosby sweater.

He was suspended, as was the school’s Brotherhood chapter.

In early October, two students at the University of Pennsylvania’s O’Brien College were blacked out by an online video that was ridiculed by a student for a black-living substance movement while wearing a black face. The president of the college referred to this stunt as “abusive offense.”

It is no exaggeration to say that with the advent of Halloween, this year’s offensive clothing will be cancelled in the past few years – close to doctors Ebola and Caitlyn Jenners and other home-made bad ideas, which are difficult to mention.

Next year, it will be joined by others, and so on, until there is no more hatred or no more Halloween.

Bet the latter is safe.

Cyber ​​Group Enters ‘Gigantosaurus’ Deal with Giant Toys and JAKKS

The Paris-based manufacturer-distributor Cyber ​​Group Studios has signed a multi-year global master toy agreement with toy and consumer goods leader JAKKS Pacific for the upcoming animation preschool series Gigantosaurus. The deal will see JAKKS design, production and launch a series of products inspired by the series, including preschool toys, figures, vehicles, toys, outdoor seasonal items, interior furniture, Halloween Costumes Outlet and accessories. The Knights Templar’s first toys and new books will be available in the fall of 2019.

Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber ​​Group Studio commented: “I can see that all the roles of Gigantosaurus are alive and have the opportunity to work with a dynamic company like JAKKS Pacific to develop a large toy product line. I feel very happy.

Gigantosaurus (52 x 11′) is based on Jonny Duddle’s bestseller (published by Templar). The CG animation/comedy series lets preschoolers explore the adventures of four young dinosaur friends and explore their prehistoric world. Together, curious Mazu, playful tiny, timid Bill and courageous Loki will also seek to discover the secrets of the elusive Gigantosaurus – the largest and most fierce dinosaur of the dinosaurs.

“We are very excited to be the main toy licensee of Gigantosaurus,” said Tara Hefter, senior vice president of global licensing at JAKKS Pacific. “Gigantosaurus is a cute series based on a beloved bestseller and we look forward to bringing these cute dinosaurs to life in a whole new way.”

The series will be launched at the global Disney (excluding India and Taiwan) in early 2019 and will be launched on major broadcast networks including French TV and German Super RTL.

BIKINI is here! The budget fashion brand launches the Bridal Swimwear collection for the first time with lace, creases and ‘veil’ clipped to the ass

There are bridal gowns, bridal headdresses, bridal headdresses, and even bridal lingerie – now a company is selling bridal bikinis.

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Yandy, the women’s shopping site known for its lingerie and Halloween costumes, launched the Destination Bride Swim Collection for the first time in this wedding season, including several mostly white bikinis and a single piece for women to walk along the walkway.

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However, although the name of the collection shows that this suit is best for those who go to beach sports to spend their big days, but bikinis will certainly become a bestseller for women to travel for their bachelor party.

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The prices of these works range from $ 16.95 to $ 39.95 – they can be purchased with a veil of $ 9.95 .

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Some are simple white and dirndls, just like the plunge of a modern bridal dress with a lace bottom, and the newly-married happiness dress has white layered hem on the hips.

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This white floral lace Maui Dreams bikini features a cropped pattern on the bottom, lace trims on the shoulder straps, and Honemoon Vibes bikinis, all lace-lace.

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More important is the swimsuit with the message, including the bottom that says ‘I’m willing’, and the ‘O’ forms a diamond ring.

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For the bachelor party, there are some simple one-piece suits, saying ‘bride’ and ‘honor maid’, each title is written in half a heart.

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Finally, for the most eye-catching bride, there is a suit with a detachable tulle veil pinned to the back.

Yandy also sells dozens of bridal lingerie including teddy bears, bras, pajamas, robes, corsets and even bodystockings.

Although Yandy’s bridal swimsuit attracted the attention of the Internet, it is not the only beach wedding wife’s product.

ASOS’s ASOS Bridal series also has a number of swimwear, including bikinis, singles, concealers and sarongs.