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Street Style: Justin Bieber

Many young men already more than a decade are looking for their inspiration for their future outfits on street style photos of Justin Bieber – one of the most famous people in the world, and all lonely young ladies dreams dream to get a boyfriend that looks like him or, at least, girls want their boyfriends to dress like Justin Bieber. No shock here, as Justin is the most popular male singer since he was 14. At that age he became an Internet sensation and was discovered by big people in the music industry. Now when he is half of his life super famous and during those years he was changing his style and was giving us fresh fashion inspiration. He never really followed the fashion trends, he was creating them. There were many things Justin made trendy. No matter how his personal style was changing, he always loved wearing fun and comfortable clothes. All young people were to crack his fashion sense secret formula and we will try to do it together. Stick to reading this guide to fashion street style of incredibly talented singers everyone knows about.

In this article, although he has a lot of different interesting outfits in his fashion history since the late 00’s (the time he signed his contract while his peers were just simple middle school students), we want you to look more recent outfits, as they are still trendy and you can repeat them with more affordable analogies. Besides that, we couldn’t not notice how his style transformed since he got married to one of the biggest supermodels since the late 10’s until now – Hailey Baldwin Bieber. She is not stylish on her job – catwalks and advertisements, but her street style is one of the best from all now popular celebrities. She is one of the biggest trendsetters and every single fashion magazine or blog mentions her probably the most of all other models. She is absolutely a pure talent in styling, her clothing-matching game is something! You need to check her street style right after reading this article, especially, if you are a woman who needs some fashion inspiration. It is almost undoubtedly, that she helped her husband to dress even more stylishly than he was doing it before. She without any doubt needs her own article to find out her formula to the most Pinterest-worthy looks of all young stars. But today we talk about the style of musical sensation J. Bieber.

If we would need to describe the Justin’s style in one word, it would be one of those: unpredictability, fun, oversized, comfort… We can’t choose the only one!

It is not hard to notice that he often takes inspiration for his looks from some old good trends that were popular in 90’s and early 00’s. Now it’s all trendy again. Partially, thanks to Justin. We even can’t imagine how huge is his influence. Especially, when it comes to trends, clothes and, of course, music. Let’s talk about his outfits!

Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber

Incredibly stylish photo. We even can not decide who dressed better. Justin with this outfit gives middle 90’s boys band vibes. Black leather jackets that were popular 20-30 years ago are back again and the singer matched it with other retro-inspired clothes in a very interesting way.

Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

Another look that in the same time look fresh and modern while still looking like an outfit from the old movie where a popular high school student fell in love with a simple shy girl.

Notice how uses all shades of blue and it actually looks good together. Great outfit for colder weather.

Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber

Justin proves that it is possible to dress cozy and bright. This short sleeve buttoned cardigan-polo with sunny shaded pants and eye-catching necklace look great together, very holiday like. He balanced that all with white t-shirt and white sneakers.

Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber

Another super colorful and oversized outfit that could be easily worn on sitcoms a few decades ago. Again, white cap and white snickers (with white socks) make the look more stylish and balanced.

Fun idea how to make simple white look more fun and rebel like: add the classic Rock’n’roll style headband. By the way this print is now on the peak of its popularity and not only on headband.

“Childhood nostalgia” look. Colorful, playful, fun and comfortable.

That’s it for today! Hopefully our guide was inspiring for you!


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