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In a party dress, business attire, jeans, and a T-shirt, shapewear may make you appear smaller and more svelte. Try it for the first time and see what you think. When worn correctly, shapewear may be quite pleasant. There are several levels. You can target your thighs, buttocks, stomach, or a combination of the three. We have compiled a list of the top five Populish slimming products.

Top 5 Bodysuit For Spring 2022

1 – Hourglass Secure Open Gusset Body Shaper

Hourglass Secure Open Gusset Bodysuit
Hourglass Secure Open Gusset Bodysuit

The Popilush’s white tank bodysuit is the perfect way to keep things simple. It may also be worn with jeans and skirts as a base layer under transparent dresses to give off a more relaxed vibe while still looking put together. If you’re feeling daring, opt for a printed jacket or a sleek blazer to complete your look. This bodysuit is no exception to the Popilush brand’s reputation for vibrant and feminine designs. – Ankle boots in black and light-wash denim would go well with this outfit.

2 – Strapless 2-Layer Mid Control Secure Bodysuit

This long-lasting, flexible shapewear is a must-have. Whether working out or relaxing at home all day, this fantastic body shaper helps you burn fat and calories. In addition to improving your posture and supporting your lower back, this bra will help you maintain a tucked-in tummy.

3 – Hourglass High Back Open Gusset Shapewear

This fabric is lightweight, breathable, and feels like a second skin, ideal for all-day wear. Perfect for wearing under a jacket or with jeans. Variously draws attention to different parts of your figure.

A large portion of the fabric is nylon and spandex, making it highly elongated and breathable. If you want to lose weight and control your tummy, go no further than this garment. Regardless of whether you’re looking for all-day comfort, this shapewear is the ideal choice for you.

4 – Hourglass Secure Full Thigh Open Gusset Body Shaper

In addition to Popilush’s well-known leggings and sports bras, its scoop neck bodysuit should not be overlooked. The built-in bra provides additional support in this body-shaper design. It is also a more ecologically beneficial choice because the soft, elastic material is made from 89 percent recycled water bottles.

5 – Hourglass Full Confidence Open Gusset Body Shaper

Utilize your network of social connections to make each outfit appear flawless. Instantly. Using our seamless tummy control legging will give you an all-over body contour. The Full Body Shaper is a great tool for sculpting your hips and thighs while keeping your core tight.

The garment’s complete coverage and compression help trim and lift your bust and back. Power In the back, a mesh fabric provides volume and keeps the garment from flattening! Because of its ultra-soft fabric and seamless construction, this shaping garment perfectly highlights your body’s natural form.


You may be able to purchase shapewear online, but if you want to try on various options, you should visit a store. Bring a picture of the dress or outfit you want to buy if you have one. As long as it doesn’t bother you, you can wear shapewear to the office. It can make you feel more confident and enhance your self-esteem, a positive side effect. So pick one of the options as there are several slimming bodysuits from the above list.


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