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10 Pregnant Halloween Costumes

1.Ice Cream Cone

Incarnate your pregnancy craving with this last-minute Halloween costume, you can put it together and the clothes have been hung in your wardrobe.

2.Mama Bear

Put your double on the comfortable costume you’re going to wear after Halloween.

3.Little Red Riding Hood

You need only one red cloak to turn into a little red hooligan. Or one of Margaret Atwood’s waitresses. Your horn. Go to Mummy Rison’s to study.


You may not fit the definition of master in the West, but you may feel like a master. Ask your partner to wear a black signature suit, as long as he leaves home in a hasty manner.

5.Bob Ross and a Happy Tree

It’s easy to include baby in this group costume idea (Bob Ross and his happy trees!) by adding an adorable squirrel.

6.Juno and Bleeker

It is very likely that you already have all the clothes you need to make. (after all, stripes, jeans and messy ponytails are daily staples.) If your partner’s closet already has Blake’s demands-like those shorts-then there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

7.Avocado Toast

The collective version of avocado toast includes an omelet and a lemon wedge, so it’s easy to turn the costume idea into a family affair.

8.Minnie Mouse

This polka mouse outfit actually makes us wonder if Mickey Mouse and Minnie have ever bred. Whatever the answer, you’ll look super cute.

9.Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin

This is another super cute couple costume idea. After all, Winnie was Christopher Robin’s best friend.


When you let your dark side come out and play.

Watching The Strange Thing For Your Halloween

Who knows that we all fall in love with a dream / horror netflix movie series because of strange things and a girl who loves eggs? Strange things keep us coming back for more, so no wonder it took over the Universal Studio on Halloween horror night. But that’s not all you have to expect this fall, because there’s a strange thing about the corn maze. The labyrinth can be found at the exploration site in Lafayette, Indiana-a state that has set up some strange things. Hawkins is fictional. The cornfield etched is 20 acres, about the size of 15 football fields.

“Last year, after watching the entire stranger series crazily, I knew we had a unique opportunity to create an immersive environment for our farm fans,” tim fitzgerald, president and chief executive of the Discovery Kingdom, told Wthr. You can enjoy the labyrinth from September 14 to October 28 for $9.50 for adults and $7 for children. And while you’re here, grab one of these strangers’ theme costumes and finish your Halloween upside-down.

New York pumpkin patch-perfect fall weekend

It’s almost the same time of year! The air will be crispy, the leaves will change color, and the pumpkin spice latte will roll out on the star buckle. The official beginning of autumn is a trip to pumpkin garden! Whether you’re driving north all day or looking for something closer to the city, we’ve got pumpkin blocks for you.

You’ll get to do a whole lot more than just pick out the perfect pumpkin. At F&W Schmitt’s, families will have the option to find their way through a corn maze, go on hayrides, and play on the playground and inflatables. At night, there’s a haunted mansion walkthrough for kids who are brave enough to enter.

Less than two hours north of Manhattan is Volkiel Scenic Farm. The beauty of the vast landscape will take you away from the city you want. Play in a corn maze or free hay trip before or after you find the right pumpkin. Don’t leave before trying a homemade apple bagel. They also serve fresh pancakes!

Carry out the autumn tradition and do not leave the five administrative regions. The Queen County Farm Museum holds interesting events for people of all ages. The amazing corn maze is more than just finding out which way to get you to the end-you need to solve the riddle and find clues to get out of the challenge. They also have a haunted house, perfect for you to enter the spirit of Halloween.

Fink’s country farm has some interesting activities you’ve never seen before: try corn cannons to see if you can hit the target to win the prize, ride a pony, and see how far you can fire a pumpkin with a pumpkin slingshot. At night, try walking through the creepy flashlight maze. Don’t be too scared.

Take the family to the fall celebration of Albert H. Schmidt’s family farm. Children like to ride on animal trains, pumpkin jumping houses and fire engines. For older people, walk through a haunted maze and have a gruesome time of joy.

Go to Elwood’s pumpkin and Christmas tree farm and get the perfect pumpkin from the vineyard. Instead of trucking pumpkins, they grow pumpkins. Children can also play in a corn maze and ride hay.

When is Halloween and how is it celebrated?

But do you know how Halloween got its name? why do we celebrate it? The following is.

When is Halloween 2018?

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31, the wedding day. Halloween is held the day before all Saints’ Day, a Christian festival to celebrate recognized saints. Halloween activities usually include teasing or entertaining and dressing up.

Why is the date of Halloween significant?

The word Halloween comes from Halloween, meaning “holy night” or sacred night. It is widely believed that the tradition of Halloween comes from Selhein’s Celtic Harvest Festival, although some support the idea that Halloween is independent as a Christian festival. Samhain is the end of the harvest season, meaning “the end of summer.” The walls of the world were thought to be thin, spirits could enter our kingdom, and people feared that they would destroy the next season’s crops. To pacify any soul, Gayle places some place on the table, allowing fires and bonfires to disperse evil spirits.

There are many ways to celebrate the festival, whether you want to go out or enjoy it from a comfortable home. These include:

  • playing apple bobbing
  • carving pumpkins
  • playing pranks
  • dressing up in fancy dress at a costume party
  • going trick or treating
  • watching horror films
  • telling scary stories
  • visiting “haunted” attractions
  • some Christians attend church services

Some Theme parks are already preparing for Halloween in August

As the nation prepares for July 4 th, popular theme parks are ready for the next big holiday, Halowan. Although Halloween has more than three months to go, tickets for many theme park special events are already available, with some celebrations starting in August.

Disney World in Orlando will start celebrating Halloween, and many of us are still in the summer vacation, with the first Mickey Mouse-less scary Halloween party scheduled for August .17. The event is a limited ticket, an event in a few hours, which means regular guests will be driven out of the Magic Kingdom, and only those who have bought tickets to Halloween parties will be allowed to stay in the park until 7 P. m.

The activity is characterized by the parades and fireworks exclusive parties, as well as a shorter route in some of the most popular parks in some parks, due to the limited population. This year’s evet will take the Caribbean Pirates and popular teacups, as well as the young Disney’s new youth ball. However, one of the biggest attractions of Disney’s powder may be the opportunity to be in the public. The rare people in the garden not often meet and greet. The skeleton Jack, from “the Nightmare Before Christmas” and the Snow White’s seven dwarfs all know. Last year, although her movie was popular, she did not have a consistent presence in the park. She appeared in the event and waited for more than two hours. A rare chance to take a photo. The tickets for a Halloween party that is not too terrible for Mitch can be bought online for $79, and the price is closer to the Halloween.Misa0s017097 901-300 plan for your first world trip, Disney? This is all the first timers to know the universal Orlando, and Disney’s Halloween event is for the purpose. The whole family, Halloween Horror Nights in the world is for the larger audience who wants to fear. In 28 years, Halloween night will show 10 haunted houses for the first time and the popular amusement facilities in some parks.

Earlier this year, Universal announced that a haunted house based on the netflix hit series “strange things” would come to the event to bring visitors back from Hawkins, Indiana. The attraction will be what happened in the first quarter of the show, so those who missed the second season will “.” Don’t worry about spoiled people. The recently announced haunted house will center around the movie Chuck. Classic killer from space. The event will be held on a special night, September 9, November 14-3. Online tickets start at $62.00, but can be added to your attendance time. Children under the age of 13 are not advised to attend the event.

The Bush Garden call in Williamsburg, Washington, will be held again this year, with some of the most popular spots and a few new attractions. The event will feature seven indoor and outdoor haunted mazes, and the park will publish stories behind the attractions every month. Six terror zones will immerse visitors in a terrible world, and several performances will keep the party going all night. As an additional cost, the activity will cost additional costs. There are also two escape rooms where teams of six must use clues and puzzles to leave before the time is ripe. Due to the horror nature of the event, guests with children are encouraged to be careful when they stay in the park after screaming.

Halloween Special

In the sweltering months of midsummer, we’re only three months away from Halloween, the worst moment of the year, so it’s never too early to celebrate. When the leaves fall and the full moon rises, dynamite entertainment has a bucket of fun and strange things waiting for you, with five new Halloween photos showing Elvira: the Demon mistress, the Wampirera, the Dark Legion. Betty Page and Red. A hymn. These independent Halloween theme magazines will be enriched with a 40-page spine-a thrilling joy for all readers who want to blend in the horror of the season. “Halloween goes hand in hand with comic books,” announced Barucci (nick barrucci), the resplendent chief executive. “everyone loves a good horror story at the end of October. We’ve always wanted to do a big show for all our main characters. ” This is a great opportunity for readers to get five great stories for themselves or give them friends during the holidays. “beware of their coming October! Here are the gruesome, full of pumpkin previews of the five covers of the genius (reilly brown) Riley Brown:
Elvira Halloween Special
The Elvira Halloween special was written by Dan Parr, Fernando Ruiz, Scott Brian Wilson and Dan’s parents and Fernando Ruiz. The horror film features a fascinating Elvira (elvira) movie carnival at the local theater. When she had a chance to hook up with George Rothmolo, the truest and truest horror filmmaker in history, she discovered the dark secret behind Rottmeiro’s success, and her dream of a superstar could turn into a nightmare!
Army of Darkness Halloween Special
After an eccentric tour guide raised the ghost remains of a sailboat that brought terrible death to the United States, the ashes finally met one of his worst things-the Pirates of the Ghost! It was written by Chad Bowles, Chris Sims, Benito Sereno, by Evan Ma Long and Anthony Marks, stuffed with wooden saws and sticks, machetes and short sleeves. If the Blackbeard can’t have their legend. Baby, the head of the promised person is a good substitute.

Red Sonja Halloween Special
A mysterious old woman hires Sonja during the Festival of the Dead to find and rescue her son from a diabolical evil. This terrifying force is the horribly hairy curse of lycanthropy. Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques, Red Sonja: Curse of the Wolf will have readers howling for more as Sonja attempts to vanquish a werewolf while the most magical night of the year erupts.
“How awesome is it that Halloween falls on New Comic Day this year?,” Dynamite Editor Joseph Rybandt told SYFY WIRE. “Pretty Awesome. So awesome that we’ve created a series of special Halloween one-shots to celebrate and bring the spooky goodness to comic shops this Halloween!”

Vampirella Halloween Special
They don’t celebrate their birthdays on this lovely planet, Vampylla-so Wanpi has to pick his own birthday, and Halloween is the perfect choice. To her dismay and annoyance, her jubilant celebration was interrupted by the epic, pan-dimensional invasion of demons that was often accompanied by Halloween! The works by Scott Lobel (scott lobdell) and Blake Norscott (blake northcott) with Raphael Lobosco (rapha lobosco) and Anthony Marks (anthony marques) coincide with next year’s 50th anniversary of Wanpi!

Halloween City hiring seasonal workers

The Halloween City employs as many as 350 seasonal workers in Michigan, part of about 5000 jobs for ghosts and demon seasons across the country. “We are in full employment model,” Christopher Smith said, Westerland, the company’s territory. The Halloween city has about 25 stores in Michigan. Most of them are in the subway communities in Detroit and Livonia. The stores are expected to open around August 31st. This is our target date, “said Smith. A store logo has been in the middle and five miles in Livonia, but this is because some employees from all over the country, including marketing managers, have come to the market. There are about 100 employees arriving at Hotel Canton next week and they will be trained in Livonia and South Gate stores. He said they would spend money at local restaurants and shops.

more information about potential jobs, visit / areers. The site also allows visitors to sign up for job alerts. Halloween City has occupied a vacant store on Ford Road near Rhodes for several seasons. This is a place where it is difficult to attract full-time tenants. “We got a building that wasn’t vacant for months (a city with Halloween),” said Kristen (kristen), Guangdong’s economic development manager. “the best interests of homeowners seem to be win-win,” Thomas said. Halloween has about 250 stores in the United States and Canada. Smith said Halloween City has 950 stores in the United States and Central America, and Halloween is a big business, with the National Retail Federation reporting $8.4 billion in sales. According to bloomberg, 2016 alone was 60. 31 more than a decade ago. Smith says it gives customers time to decide what clothing, accessories and decorations they want. “they usually start window shopping, see what’s hot new trends, and then come back,” Smith said. Smith said that popular clothes often reflect the characteristics of popular films. This year, the company plans to maintain store height after Halloween and Ann Arbor’s business hours, possibly until January. With a new toy city concept tested. “these stores will have everything from hula hoops to Lego,” Smith said. When the stores open on Halloween, they will store other toys, from action toys to baby toys. They are expected to remain open to take advantage of the Christmas season. If the concept proves successful, Smith says, it is likely to expand to other stores.

Halloween Party With These Tips


When you collect candy and snacks from land to land, you can eat Halloween candy and snacks. Allergen-friendly experience do you have food allergies? If so, we offer you a special candy or snack experience! At Mickey Mouse’s Halloween party, an actor picks up a brown treatment bag-the official color of food allergies. These are available at any treatment site or location. The official Allergy Friendship Center is located at the Town Square Theatre (near the Toni Town Square Restaurant on America’s main street) and at the Liberty Square ticket office (near Liberty Square President’s Hall). When you hide and seek with a tea bag, the actors will give you a tea token at any reception station. Later, you can exchange your tea tokens at our allergy friendly center to receive your special treatment!

Attractions and New Additions

Enjoy some iconic attractions and a few new Halloween surprises. 2018, a new ghost of new rotation, in some of the favorite attractions enjoy twists and turns and delicious food! Find a new spin, new lights and effects at the Crazy Tea Party. Pirates of the Caribbean, join some novice pirates in search of Gunpowder Pitt. On the mountains of space, a new sound track runs through deep space. Open during the event, you can enjoy dozens of popular attractions at Mickey Mouse’s less scary Halloween party.

The Happiest Haunting

Explore the highlights, dates and prices of Mickey’s less terrifying Halloween party. Halloween. With Disney’s turn! Witchcraft is almost here, so get your favorite costume ready for Mickey’s less scary Halloween party, which is a separate ticket in the Parks of the Wizardry Kingdom! Back in 2018, this is the happiest moment on earth! Don’t miss your chance to collect candy, candy and creepy treats-and there will be cold ghosts, weird entertainment and creepy entertainment in the park. Best of all: because the tone of the event is not so scary, it means that children of all ages can have fun! Your ticket can save $10 compared to the available appointments-at least one day in advance! The price for a day starts at $85 per adult. $80 per child (3-9 years) plus parties on 17, 24, 28 and 31 September, 3, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28 and 30 October, 2, 4 and 5 October 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30 and 31, The price depends on the activity night. With the exception of October 31, 2018, and with the exception of October 31, 2018, all events are subject to an advance purchase discount of $10. The daily purchase price will apply. Please make sure to buy your ticket online today! 

The Art of Halloween

Some of these people live in the next door, some live in the neighborhood, your children play together; you buy things in the same shop, eat in the same place, and may be barbecue in the other’s home on Sunday afternoon. But when October comes, their home, well, changed; the front yard suddenly appeared the tombstone, a terrible atmosphere shrouded the place, Some corpses are beginning to take the upper hand. It’s “house! They’re undisputable Halloween fanatics – this weekend they’ll learn and teach how to boost excitement in the future,” said dr.william Ramsay, the local man, “these people like to share their Halloween with others.” God. “God.” he is a member of the local Halloween convention, also the producer of this weekend’s southeastern Halloween enthusiast. This year’s weekend activities are arranged all day on Saturday, and Sunday is mostly scheduled for the early 2300 early learning center of the 17 Southwest Road outside the school. On Saturday evening, O Carla Hilton held a dress ball. Five nights, the activity began to walk into the historical block of Okara by the ghost of Catherine Wendell. In fact, it was the first costume ball. The event began on Friday night, and Catherine Wendell led the ghost into Okara’s historic district. On Sunday afternoon, the southeastern Halloween enthusiast. Conference: Friday evening at 7:30, ghosts walk; Saturday morning 8 – p. m. – 6 p. m. on Saturday night 8, haunted eyeballs; from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, from Sunday morning to 2 p.m.: the cost of the early school center, 2300 SW 17: the price of the door is 50 dollars / more information: This is Ramsay in his element. For a day, local An optometrist took a few hours off as a national Halloween demo. The tour – when he didn’t double, was the chilling doctor, Dr. Tero Reyes. “I’ve been on this line. I know what’s going on outside,” he said. “It’s a real practice, no place in Florida.” This year, sea and sea science is carrying out two days of training on the course of art, performance and make-up, perhaps one to one and a real ghost in a new supernatural element. In the past, it was just a few hours of Saturday sharing technology.

Ghosts are big in America. According to, more than 1200 haunted attractions charge admission fees; many attract 8000 people-plus a willingness to pay ice points-as many as 60, 000. There are also smaller charitable attractions that do business, the site added. Ramsay says the revenues from Seihec will go to Tampa Schlinna Children’s Hospital. Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday. According to, Americans spent $9.1 billion last year on candy, clothing and haunted games, which the American Retail Federation reported might not do, but ramsay said. Presale tickets a week ago will more than double his previous attendance. Scheduled courses range from how to make eyeballs, milk cans, cranium to three-dimensional prosthetic and animated tombs. Among them are syfy. “face up” contestants Scott Fentler and “the skin Wars” contender and airgun artist Kyle West. Designers from Universal, Disney, Lego, Bosch Gardens and other theme parks plan to showcase their technology and provide tips. Planning to take part in this knowledge is a pair of Daryl Kirby (daryl kirby). From the kirby family farm in Williston. There was also a staff member from the torture factory in Gainesville. “We don’t have a budget of $10,000 to $20,000 for props,” he added. “We can replicate and modify ideas from theme park experts. For me, it’s a worthwhile admission fee. ” Kirby says he made his first trip to Ramsey’s studio three years ago. At the request of the volunteers who often haunt him. “I wanted to be a team member, but I was attracted.” Tony Hern á ndez (tony hernandez) helped set up the torture factory in Gainesville. He said in an email that sehec was “an opportunity to meet more people in the industry.” Share successes and failures. Get to know regional artists who might be working with our team in the torture factory. ” He said, The factory’s “Feast of fear” opened in late September, working with (united way), Union Avenue in north-central Florida. “all this and more,” Ramsay said. “this is quite different from before. It’s a smaller, more intimate organization, haunted only in Florida. ”

For nine years, these parties have been quite quiet, given their themes: about 100 fans from Florida crowded into Marion Dunn’s Freemasonic Cabin to learn how to make a withered skull, a scary gate. Glowing eyeballs and deceived tombstones. “Last year we had more than 125,” Ramsay said. “the air conditioning system was unsustainable and the temperature rose from 72 degrees to over 86 degrees.” We no longer need to do more. “besides,” he added, “I don’t want to do it as usual.” This is one of the reasons for the supernatural phenomenon this year. Ramsay says he is often asked why there is no supernatural at his party. “it makes sense,” he said. “they overlap, especially on Halloween.” At the ghost hunting meeting was Wendell, who took the ghost for a ten-year walk in Ocara. She said she brought Frank’s “ghost” box, a radio receiver device used by some supernatural investigators looking for aliens. The supernatural component was proposed by Scott Morrow (scott morrow), a non- nonsense supernatural phenomenon enthusiast who hosts a radio programme broadcast on Radio Pania; They met at a Halloween convention in Texas a few years ago. “the house I grew up in West Virginia is haunted,” Morrow said in an email. That’s why he got into his studies. However, as a non-nonsense paranoia, Morrow likes to practice at home. “they’re walking around in your own horror movie, but it’s safe,” he added. Those who build them are great men. ”

The Best Five Places For Your Halloween


Tell me your terrible stories and crazy costumes-Halloween is coming and the party is about to begin. Salem, New Orleans and New York City are all famous for celebrating, but if you’re traveling internationally, don’t worry: Halloween variations take place around the world. From Carla Vilas’s skull in Mexico to the Dilos Murtos dance in Mexico to the creepy ghost stroll in London, this is the perfect place for a truly creepy holiday.


The colorful costumes and bonfires of Edinburgh’s samhuinn bonfire, a ghostly witch tour at Krat Castle in Aberdeen, the presence of the real King Mary, and the screening of horror movies.

2.New York City

During the village Halloween parade, more than 50, 000 zombies and appalling costumes, a widow’s cocktail at a headless cavalry bar, and the spectacular sight of Jack Hollante (jack o’lanterns) blazed through Jack Altman’s (jack o’tern burze). It was a short day trip from the city.

3.New Orleans

A sneaky tour of French neighborhoods, a Halloween-themed voodoo music festival.


Jack’s ghost walks through the city, “after dark” visits the museum, “Night of Terror” terror labyrinth in Thorpe Park.

5.Hong Kong

Halloween haunted at Hong Kong Disneyland (yes, you can tease or entertain Mickey Mouse), haunted houses and Halloween concerts at Ocean Park, drinks and dinner specials at Lan Kwai Fong Street parties.