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Tell me your terrible stories and crazy costumes-Halloween is coming and the party is about to begin. Salem, New Orleans and New York City are all famous for celebrating, but if you’re traveling internationally, don’t worry: Halloween variations take place around the world. From Carla Vilas’s skull in Mexico to the Dilos Murtos dance in Mexico to the creepy ghost stroll in London, this is the perfect place for a truly creepy holiday.


The colorful costumes and bonfires of Edinburgh’s samhuinn bonfire, a ghostly witch tour at Krat Castle in Aberdeen, the presence of the real King Mary, and the screening of horror movies.

2.New York City

During the village Halloween parade, more than 50, 000 zombies and appalling costumes, a widow’s cocktail at a headless cavalry bar, and the spectacular sight of Jack Hollante (jack o’lanterns) blazed through Jack Altman’s (jack o’tern burze). It was a short day trip from the city.

3.New Orleans

A sneaky tour of French neighborhoods, a Halloween-themed voodoo music festival.


Jack’s ghost walks through the city, “after dark” visits the museum, “Night of Terror” terror labyrinth in Thorpe Park.

5.Hong Kong

Halloween haunted at Hong Kong Disneyland (yes, you can tease or entertain Mickey Mouse), haunted houses and Halloween concerts at Ocean Park, drinks and dinner specials at Lan Kwai Fong Street parties.



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