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It’s almost the same time of year! The air will be crispy, the leaves will change color, and the pumpkin spice latte will roll out on the star buckle. The official beginning of autumn is a trip to pumpkin garden! Whether you’re driving north all day or looking for something closer to the city, we’ve got pumpkin blocks for you.

You’ll get to do a whole lot more than just pick out the perfect pumpkin. At F&W Schmitt’s, families will have the option to find their way through a corn maze, go on hayrides, and play on the playground and inflatables. At night, there’s a haunted mansion walkthrough for kids who are brave enough to enter.

Less than two hours north of Manhattan is Volkiel Scenic Farm. The beauty of the vast landscape will take you away from the city you want. Play in a corn maze or free hay trip before or after you find the right pumpkin. Don’t leave before trying a homemade apple bagel. They also serve fresh pancakes!

Carry out the autumn tradition and do not leave the five administrative regions. The Queen County Farm Museum holds interesting events for people of all ages. The amazing corn maze is more than just finding out which way to get you to the end-you need to solve the riddle and find clues to get out of the challenge. They also have a haunted house, perfect for you to enter the spirit of Halloween.

Fink’s country farm has some interesting activities you’ve never seen before: try corn cannons to see if you can hit the target to win the prize, ride a pony, and see how far you can fire a pumpkin with a pumpkin slingshot. At night, try walking through the creepy flashlight maze. Don’t be too scared.

Take the family to the fall celebration of Albert H. Schmidt’s family farm. Children like to ride on animal trains, pumpkin jumping houses and fire engines. For older people, walk through a haunted maze and have a gruesome time of joy.

Go to Elwood’s pumpkin and Christmas tree farm and get the perfect pumpkin from the vineyard. Instead of trucking pumpkins, they grow pumpkins. Children can also play in a corn maze and ride hay.


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