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The Simple Celeb-Loved Outfit Formula for Styling Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are one of the trendiest pieces for a super-stylish look. But, it’s a little hard to look your best since wide-leg trousers don’t compliment everyone. You need the right styling tips to flaunt a pair like a diva.

Look at all the celebrities and social media influencers who wear their wide-leg jeans so beautifully. If you want to look hot like them, let’s take a look at their styling formula.

1. Tucked-in Bodysuit Tops

Celebrities create a balanced look with their wide-leg bottoms. The waist is well-defined. So, tuck in your top to give the upper part of your body a slimmer look. You can go for well-fitted bodysuits that offer the perfect fit. These stay in place and tucking-in gets easier.

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2. Waist Belt

Some glamorous celebrities can be seen wearing accessories strategically to make their wide-leg jeans look more stylish. One of such accessories is a trendy waist belt. It brings attention to the waist and makes it look slim as well. It also helps you create a balanced look by accentuating the waist.

3. Stylish Heels

Celebrities make sure they have stylish shoes on, particularly when they wear a wide pair of bottoms, such as culottes or wide-leg jeans. They wear heels to give their legs a taller look. You can do the same by choosing a pair of heels. These could be any style, such as stilettos, platform sandals, or even heeled boots. The idea is to just give yourself an elongated appearance when you wear wide-leg jeans. Your overall look will be stylish and polished.

4. Body Shaping Innerwear

One of the secret styling formulas of celebrities is body-shaping innerwear. It gives a smooth and slim look. Plus, when you wear your top over your shapewear, everything looks perfect and well-fitted. This is how you can look hot in a pair of wide-leg jeans. It’s a simple secret that you can also use for more of your outfits and looks.

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5. Cropped Jackets

Celebrities avoid wearing overly baggy clothes. They balance their look in different ways. Wearing a cropped jacket can do the trick. It highlights the waist in a very stylish way. You can go for a denim cropped jacket to compliment your jeans for a casual look. You can also choose to wear a leather jacket to look super trendy like a celebrity.

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6. Monochrome Looks

Celebrities make their wide-leg jeans look more stylish and sophisticated through monochrome looks. Using blacks and whites creates a classic look that’s super chic. You can try it too and look like an elegant star.

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Final Thoughts

Flaunting a pair of wide-leg jeans is not easy. If you want to look perfect, do what the celebrities do. Create a balanced look by putting more emphasis on your waist. Appear slim through shaping innerwear, go for stylish heels, and give yourself a truly chic look. You can look just as wonderful and stylish as those celebrities. All you have to do is observe and follow their never-fail styling formula.


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