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5 Stunning Makeup Looks for Redheads!

For years, redheads have been seen to be “unattractive” but in truth, they have a special and enchanting beauty that is seriously one of a kind. Red hair requires makeup that highlights rather than overpowers its natural sparkle. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of five amazing styles made to bring out and highlight their unique features.

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5 Gorgeous Styles Made for Ginger Hair!:

  1. A Natural Glow: This is an ideal look for ginger heads as it brings out their natural beauty that most of them try to cover up. In this style, you would apply a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation as a base. For your eyes, you would turn towards more of a warm brown and mascara. As for your cheeks, you would apply a rosy pink blush for a natural glow. Lastly, for your lips, it’s recommended to use nude lipstick or lipgloss.
  • Classical “Red Lip”: This look makes any person look bold and confident. For this, you would keep the skin flawless with a medium-coverage foundation. The eyes would stay in neutral shades and you would apply a small winged eyeliner. Your aim should be to keep the cheeks as neutral as possible but still have a tint of blush. As the name states, the aim is to apply a bold red lipstick color, with blue undertones because it highlights the red hair.
High fashion look.glamor closeup portrait of beautiful sexy redhead caucasian young woman model with red lips,bright makeup, with perfect clean skin with jewelery isolated on black
  • Bronze Look: This look consists of shades of brown, bronze, and golden, to make you look like a goddess. To do this style, you would go for some bronzer and lightweight foundation. For eyes, use golden or bronze eyeshadow and finish it with some light brown eyeliner. A brown-pink shade of blush would go perfectly with this. Lastly, a nude lip gloss would complete this look.
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  • Green Eyes: If you have green or emerald eyes, this look is designed to enhance your naturally beautiful features. The base should stay fresh, so moisturizer is perfect for this. The eyes are the main deal here, you would go for a purple shade of eyeshadow as it brings your eyes out. A soft berry blush is recommended for this look. Finally, for lips, go for a cherry and plum lip color.
  • Elegant Emerald: This makeup is the perfect look for redheads, as green brings out the color red, highlighting its beauty. The base is simply just moisturizer for glowy skin. The eyes should include shades of olive, or green and paired with neutral colors. For the cheeks, going for coral pink is perfect. Lastly, use a peachy pink for your lips
Beauty fashion portrait of young blond woman model with natural makeup and perfect skin with beautiful rose  posing

Even though makeup is everywhere on social media and the world, it’s important to know that beauty is all natural and no makeup could ever replace it. As for ginger hair, embrace the beauty of it as it is unique and truly a gift. We hope this article was some help for you!


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