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How to Take Incredible Photos of Glitter Makeup

Glitter is more than just a shiny embellishment for your crafts or an accessory to enhance your makeup look. It’s a dazzling element that adds sparkle and shine to your look.

As a photographer, the task is to capture the glitter’s brilliance through the lens so that it appears just as vividly as it does to the naked eye. Let’s uncover the secrets to capturing stunning glitter makeup photos.

Attractive happy woman in silver dress with makeup

The Glitter Challenge

One of the primary challenges with photographing glitter is accurately capturing its shine and sparkle. Glitter comes to life when it reflects light in a specific way. But this reflective property also poses the risk of overexposure in your photos. We’ve got solutions for you to tackle these glittery issues.

The Secret Ingredient – Light

The key to capturing mesmerizing glitter photos is smartly handling the power of light. Since glitter thrives when illuminated, positioning your subject in a way that maximizes direct light is crucial.

Whether natural or artificial sources, ensure the light hits the glitter directly. However, be wary of overexposure. Shooting a bit darker than your initial plan helps retain essential details while showcasing individual glitter grains.

To counter the darkness without compromising quality, shoot in RAW mode. This uncompressed file format provides unparalleled control over editing adjustments, allowing you to recover highlights and tweak exposure without sacrificing quality.

Close-up shot of beautiful woman with long hair wearing a white dress

3 Ways to Shine with Glitter Photography

Glitter can be used in various ways to add that extra sparkle to your photography:

1. Glitter Dust Clouds

Create a magical atmosphere by capturing glitter as a dust cloud. Add an ethereal touch to your photos.

2. Glitter Makeup or Product

Incorporate glitter into makeup or beauty products. Explore the interplay between light and shimmer.

3. Glitter as the Subject

Dive into macro photography. Make glitter the star of the show, revealing its intricate details.

Woman in glittering pink makeup

The Glitter Enchantment – Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to using glitter in your photoshoots, there are some tried-and-true tips to keep in mind:

● Glitter Shopping Tips

Opt for medium-sized glitter pieces for better visibility on camera. Sparkly and metallic types work best to catch and reflect light effectively.

● Location Matters

Opt for an easy cleanup and controlled environment. Consider shooting indoors against a clean backdrop. If shooting outdoors, be mindful of the wind to avoid glitter mishaps.

● Blow It or Throw It

Blow glitter for a whimsical effect, ensuring it doesn’t return to your face. Experiment with throwing glitter or have a helper do it for dynamic and controlled shots.

● Camera Techniques

Use a fast shutter speed to capture fine details without blurring. Use burst or continuous shooting mode for consecutive shots, freezing glitter in motion.

● Lighting Magic

Extra lighting equipment can enhance glitter visibility, especially with fast shutter speeds. Outdoor shoots benefit from overcast light, providing a soft and even glow.

Blond woman in pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow

Get Creative

Say goodbye to traditional glitter shots. Unleash your creativity by incorporating glitter into body paint or makeup.

Consider collaborating with a professional makeup artist to achieve unique and captivating looks. Experiment with different colors and glitter shapes. Evoke moods, from warm and to classic and edgy.


Glitter is not an accessory. It’s a magical ingredient that can elevate your photography to new heights. With the right light, technique, and a dash of creativity, you can capture the enchanting allure of glitter makeup.


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