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How To Wear Makeup If You Hate Wearing Makeup

Makeup enhances your features, sculpts your look and gives you a glamorous look. These ‘looks’ are sometimes achieved by a lot of layering which is not liked by many.

Minimal makeup which gives you a stylish look is almost every girl’s dream. Work less, look pretty, is the need of the hour. Not every girl loves full glams, some want it minimal and chic. If you are a girl who doesn’t fancy cakey makeup looks but want to look presentable, you need to read this blog.

Good news ladies, you can look good without wearing tons of makeup. Here is how.

Illuminating Primer

Primer is an essential makeup product that moisturizes the skin and give dewy look. An illuminating primer is plus one as it gives shine to your face and makes your skin glow without putting too much product.

It keeps your makeup smooth and lasts longer. It is like a barrier to your skin and keep it hydrated. Famous primers are from Benefit, Nars, Maybelline which erase all your pores.

Light weight concealer

You can skip all the makeup you want but concealer cannot be missed. A light weight concealer hides your dark spots and evens out any discoloration and dark circles. Light weight concealers do not weigh your skin down and give cakey looks.

These concealers do not patch your skin and makes it glow. Does the job well without burdening you. Famous concealer is from brands like Mac, Clinique, Tarte which are available in different shades to match your skin tone.

Cream Blush

If you don’t like putting on makeup, you would definitely not like powdery blush on your face. A cream blush which absorbs in your skin like foundation and gives you rosy cheeks is a good idea.

Cream blushes stay in place and do not wipe off too quickly. They are long lasting and sit well on your skin. Some cream blushes are two in one, they act as lipstick and blush both at the same time. Famous brands for cream blushes are NYX, Mac, Benefit.


Mascara is also a minimum makeup product that makes a huge difference on how your eyes look. It uplifts your eyes and gives your lashes a dramatic look. It is something not too heavy duty yet makes a lot of difference.

Enhance the way your eyes look by adding statement to them using a light weight mascara. It creates an eye shape and look good. A mascara is a must-have product. Famous brands for mascara are L’Oreal, Too Face etc.

A creamy lipstick that suits your skin color is a must-have makeup product. The creamy formula plums your lips and provides hydration. A creamy and glossy lipstick is worth it and changes your look.

Creamy Lipsticks

Creamy lipsticks are soft and give subtle look, if you don’t want anything fancy.

Fancy your looks with your kind of style in these no makeup looks products. Stay pretty, stay happy.


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