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What Are The 2024 Makeup Trends?

As we enter the glamorous world of 2024, the makeup trends forecast a perfect blend of

timeless elegance and futuristic flair. Renowned makeup experts Anthony, Barose, and Guerra

have spoken, predicting various trends that will dominate the beauty scene.

Let’s explore the top 2024 makeup trends that are set to redefine the way we express our

individuality through cosmetics.

1. Translucent Architecture

In pursuing a natural, effortless glow, 2024 encourages the return of highlighters. According to

Guerra, achieving this look involves starting with clean, moisturized skin, applying a hydrating

primer, and using a lightweight, dewy-finish foundation.

The focus is minimal concealer, with a liquid or cream highlighter enhancing the cheekbones,

brow bones, and nose. Set non-illuminated areas with a translucent powder and finish with an

essence of blush for a healthy flush.

Medium shot girls posing together

2. Holographic Glaze

Celebrate individuality with cyber-inspired holographic glaze. Anthony recommends

color-shifting eyeshadows and highlighters in chrome shades like those found in Pat McGrath’s

Mothership IX or Danessa Myricks’s Infinite Chrome Flakes.

Portrait of beautiful happy woman

3. Retro Red Lips

As trends cyclically evolve, classic red lips will make a bold comeback in 2024. Anthony predicts

a resurgence of this timeless, sexy statement that pairs well with colder holidays and sun-kissed


Sensual glamour portrait of beautiful woman model  with fresh daily makeup with red lips color and clean healthy skin

4. A.I.-Inspired Flush

Draping blush takes center stage, with bold, temple-grazing applications for a robotic e-girl

effect. Anthony anticipates a surge in this wearable trend, extending the blush across the bridge

of the no se.

Portrait of makeup artist applying products

5. Blackberry Lips

Going beyond bold, Barose suggests embracing extra bold, extra dark, and different vampy

makeup. Achieve this look by layering and lining lips with a black eyeliner pencil, providing a

black base coat for intensified darkness.

6. Undertone Eyeshadow

Move away from bright eyeshadows and explore sophisticated pops of color with earthier jewel

tones. Barose recommends shades like navy, deep green, and plum for a wearable alternative

that makes eyes pop differently.

7. Balletcore

For a romantic and ethereal look, embrace ballet core makeup with soft shimmers, glossy pinks,

and bows. Keep the eyes simple with lengthening mascara and nude eyeliner paired with soft

pink lip shades.

Woman in glittering pink makeup

8. Pops of Red

Straight from the spring 2024 runways, a pop of red on lips or eyes is a prominent trend.

Whether it’s an Infallible Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick or a simple eyeliner, red accents are a

powerful way to embrace the color of the season.


In the dynamic landscape of makeup trends for 2024, these top trends promise to empower

individuals to express their unique beauty.

From the timeless allure of retro red lips to the futuristic holographic glaze, each trend invites

makeup enthusiasts to explore and embrace their individuality.

As you embark on your beauty journey in 2024, let these trends inspire and elevate your

makeup routine, allowing you to showcase the beauty that lies within.


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