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Second-Skin Boots Are the Sleek Fall Staple That's Already Trending This Year 

For a long time, baggy and oversized clothes have dominated the fashion world. Ranging from blazers to jeans and t-shirts, the use of loose and baggy clothes has increased a lot. Truth be told, this fashion trend is here to stay, but our shoes seem to be getting some form-fitting. That’s because the second-skin boots are a huge hit this season, especially when they’ve made their debut on the runway.

These boots are sleek and modern, and offer a perfect contrast against baggy clothes. This means that you can easily rock these boots with your baggy jeans. So, let’s see which ones you can try with your fall clothes!

1. Stick to the Classics

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the show world; one cannot go wrong with black boots. That’s because they look timeless and a perfect combination of modern and chic. We recommend adding these boots to your fall wardrobe because it will add instant sophistication and elegance. In fact, if your attire needs some dimension, you can opt for shoes made from textured leather.

2. Add the Height

Not everyone is tall enough to reach the top of the bookshelf. If you struggle with the same thing, you can add some boost by adding platform shoes to the wardrobe. These shoes will add extra height, and they will actually add a modern touch to your look. So, the trick is to add a platform sole and add an instant pick-me-up to the look.

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3. Don’t Forget about Suede

While everyone is going all out on shiny shoes, you can still create a soft look. If you want it, you can opt for boots made from suede fabric. This will not only create a soft look, but you will be able to add texture as well. The best thing about this fabric is that it promises warmth and it looks classy as well. On top of everything, it lasts for years with minimal care. So, if you like modern and Western fashion, go ahead with suede boots.

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4. Ankle-Length Boots

It’s common to see the second-skin trend on tall boots. However, that’s not the only way because you can use the same fashion for your ankle boots. For instance, you can use your Chelsea boots to show off this trend. These boots look amazing with maxi-length frocks.

5. Take out the Socks

When we talk about fall, it’s impossible not to think about socks unless someone wants a frostbite. For this reason, we recommend adding it to your shoe look because you can totally rock some socks on heels. It can actually help create the second-skin look. In fact, the socks have a ribbed surfac, which adds statement and texture to the feet.

6. Choose Print

It doesn’t matter which year or age it is; you cannot forget about the animal print. That’s because the animal print adds depth and dimension to the look. In addition, these prints create a dynamic and mature appearance without taking away the excitement factor.


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