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How to Choose the Ideal Skin Care Products for Your Skin

Seeing the many kinds of skincare available for all skin types with various functions feels really good. However, unfortunately, you need to sort it out again because not all skincare is suitable for your skin.

Choosing your own skincare cannot be arbitrary, because every skin requires different treatments. The content of skin care products has been adjusted to the needs of each skin. Dry skin has a different type of treatment than oily skin or a combination of both. Therefore, you must pay attention to what products are suitable and safe for your skin.

So how do you choose the ideal skincare products for your skin? If you’re still confused, here are 4 easy steps you can take to choose the ideal skincare product for your skin!

1. Know Your Skin Type

Using the right skincare according to our skin type is something that needs to be considered. The reason is, that the skincare that we use may not work, and even cause problems for our skin. To anticipate this, it is important for us to know our skin type before deciding which skincare product to use. We know 5 skin types, namely normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. Which is your skin type?

Treatment for each skin type can be different. For normal skin, it will usually require simple skincare. If you have dry facial skin, it is recommended to choose skincare with high moisturizing content. On the other hand, oily skin requires products that are hydrating and contain no oil. Owners of sensitive skin require high caution and are advised to choose products with minimal ingredients that soothe the skin.

2. Pay Attention To Skin Problems

Everyone has different skin problems, ranging from acne, dullness, fine lines, and dark spots to redness. Skincare that is used to get rid of acne and those used to whiten the skin, of course, have different formulas. Therefore, you have to adjust to the skin problems you are experiencing. If you use skincare that is not in accordance with the problems that occur on the skin, it can cause side effects that worsen your skin condition. Try to focus on dealing with skin problems that you prioritize first. For example, your face is acne prone and has lots of acne scars. Use skincare products to deal with your acne first, when you’re done, switch to products that focus on fading acne scars.

3. Read Carefully The Ingredients

Each skincare product has different benefits and ingredients. To avoid allergies and irritation due to ingredients that are not suitable for your skin, you have to be really selective when choosing them. If your skin is oily, then you should avoid skincare products that contain oil, gel products are usually more reliable. In contrast to dry skin, you are advised not to use products that contain alcohol. For sensitive skin, avoiding products that contain fragrances is a wise choice. Try to choose skincare products that are made from natural ingredients because they are believed to be safer and have a lower risk of irritation.

4. Be Wisely Read Other People’s Reviews

Looking for reviews from other people and beauty influencers on blogs, YouTube, or social media as a reference before buying skincare products is the right thing and we often do. But you must respond to every review that you read wisely. Remember, everyone’s skin type and condition are different. Don’t just because the product is booming and gets good ratings from beauty gurus, you’re tempted to buy it. It’s best to keep it according to your skin type and problem.

Ladies, have you decided what skincare products you will buy after reading some of the easy tips above?

Finding skincare products that are suitable for our skin is sometimes not easy, but trying each product that we believe is effective, it will make us more experienced in determining what treatment is right for our skin. Listen to what your skin says and get what it needs!


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