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Why Your Favorite Perfume Smells Different On Your Bestie

Perfumes are a holy grail in the beauty industry. They range from basic necessity to luxury to human recognition. Perfume plays a significant role in human recognition and emotions. A particular scent can take you back in time, remember a personality or reminisce a moment.

The list of the best perfume is different for everyone. One would adore Miss Dior while the other might simply not reject it. That is how perfume choices vary for everyone. Some like fruity fragrances while others like flowers.

Top view perfume and flowers arrangement

The distinctiveness in perfume also works on how it goes for one personality to other. Two people can love the same perfume but it smells different on both of them. It could be the same bottle but different fragrances on two different people. Yes! That happens. Let us educate you why this is so.

Skin Type

Oils are an important part of the perfume ingredients. Hence, your skin type oily or dry makes a difference on how a perfume smell on you. A person with oily skin is able to absorb oil-based perfumes better and give high notes for longer periods.

Still life of cosmetic products

Fruity fragrances work better on oily skin specially citruses. While they simply do not stay much on dry skins. Spices and heavy blooms work better on dry skins.

Oxidation and Skin PH

The oxidation of a fragrance is directly proportional to the user’s skin pH level. Skin with extreme levels of acid and base can alter how a perfume smells on a particular person.

Front view of perfume bottle and flowers on light blue blurred background

For instance, too acidic skin absorbs all the oils of a perfume while a too basic skin changes the notes of the perfume.

Body Odor and Temperature

An individual’s body odor is a natural trait. The way a perfume mixes with the natural odor is how a perfume’s fragrance is on a person.

Perfume bottle, beauty product

Body temperature also varies from one person to other which can cause the alteration of fragrance on a person. A certain body temperature can enhance certain notes of a perfume.

Hormonal levels

A person’s hormone levels also effect how a perfume smell on them. The increased level of estrogen in a female’s body nearing their cycle causes her body to overheat which leads to sweating. Thus, a perfume’s functionality is affected.

How to select a perfume?

Selecting a perfume that sits well and smells amazing is slightly technical. Here is how you can be better informed about your perfumes.

Test before buying

Test the perfume before buying on your skin. Like a perfume on someone? Go and check the store. Stores have free testers to help you for that.

Know your skin type

Be better informed about what is your skin type and your Ph level to have the best perfume and notes for you.

Who knew the factors that affect how a person carries a perfume. Here were the top reasons that contribute to perfume functionality in a person. Try on yours before investing those $$$.


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