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Favorite Party Dresses for Big Events

The world slowly recovering from corona or at least trying to live in a new reality, and many major events are coming back after disappearing for months and months. Weddings are stopping to be postponed because many partners already can’t wait to get married anymore. Many parties, festivals, and concerts are back. Celebrities are wearing gorgeous dresses on red carpets. We are having reasons to wear a dress again after all this time. During it, the fashion is changed a bit, our tastes changed with time too. Also, if to be full after sitting home so long, sizes of many people changed. Anyways, because of any certain reason many of us are in need to purchase a new dress. In this article, I want to talk about new trends in dresses for big events and what styles of gowns celebrities choose for red carpets and parties recently when the season of those events reopened. I chose only the best options that look really fancy although the prices of these dresses are definitely affordable. We can guarantee that when you’ll be wearing one of those dresses, people will be asking you if it’s the designers’ dress.

Let’s find out the main trends for evening/party dresses!

Feathers and sequins 

Many of us are tired of our pajamas or ‘whatever’ outfit we wear to the grocery stores or to walk near the house. Women over the world want to shine again and after a long time of not having the ability to do it, so now many ladies choose to wear quite an extra dress. By extra, we mean being extra in a good way. Wearing something unusual and eye-catching is not a bad thing! Especially if you choose the right dress and mix it with similar dress accessories and basic shoes and in minimalistic style earrings and necklaces.


Fringing is popular already a few summers. This summer is not an exception. And we are loving it! Fringing gives your look playful and sexy vibes. The best choice if you go to the club or somewhere you will be dancing. Fringing looks the best in the movie. Although many celebrities choose dresses with fringing for major ceremonies’ afterparties and even for red carpets.


I would say the main trend in dresses, both for the evening and cocktail ones to summer dresses for every day. Short or long, both will be very trendy this summer. Long ones look fancier, short ones look more simple but you can still rock some of the short satin dresses even on the major events you want invited to. Many celebrities did it and looked fantastic in tSo fancy and feminine, but still so simple. Check the middle-length tight satin dresses. They are literally the best for any event because of their simplicity. Add some shiny jewelry and you’re ready for the wedding or your birthday party.

Pearl embellished

Very tender and feminine while still brave and loud. When you want all eyes on you (or on your dress) in elegant wait. By choosing a pearl-embellished dress you get a guarantee, that no one will look as creative and bright (but still natural) as you. Also, those types of dresses scream rich and art pieces. This dress mix in itself the perfect balance of brightness and simplicity.

Metalic gem embellished

If you decided that you want to be the main only queen of the event you are going to, then this dress is for you. The Kardashians know it and wear such loud dresses quite often. But remember if you’re wearing such a brave dress, then you should mix it with a simple bag and minimalistic small earrings. Golden or silver earrings of petite size will look the best. Your hair shouldn’t be too eye-catching either. More your hair looks easy and simple – more tasteful your outfit looks on you. You may wear heels of one color that is on your dress. You need some highlighting and small glitter of natural colors in your makeup. This way your face will look harmonically with the outfit and it won’t be too much.


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