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The Top 5 2023 Black Friday Trends You'll See This Year

Black Friday is no doubt the biggest shopping spree of the year. It offers commercial discounts both online and at stores two weeks prior to Christmas. With everything to anything on the table, this the most exciting time for shopaholics.  

With Black Friday right almost ready to kick in, requires us to do the research for what trends we are going to hit this year. Enjoy the maximum shopping experience in a mindful manner and leave no room for confusion this Black Friday.

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Here are the trends we jot down for all of you to prepare yourselves. Every new year brings newer trends on Black Fridays. We have got the trends narrowed and summarized with our research this 2023.

Trends we expect this Black Friday 2023

Early Sales

Last year we noticed pre–Black Friday sales in October. A similar trend is to follow suit this year too. Get ready to dive into early bird offers in October and get into the Black Friday spirit early.


Retail membership is a bonus to the discount offers on Black Friday. This trend was seen in 2021 and 2022. We expect it in 2023 too. Amazon is an example of Prime Big Deals Day. It will be giving rise to members again in October.

Buy now pay later

The ease of buying now and paying later in easy installments is something attractive. It even allows one to be tension free and go out of budget to spend more.

According to Adobe Analytics insights were 85% where revenue was up 88%.

 Cart Abandonment Increased

The higher the conversation rates, the higher the cart left behind rates. This Black Friday we expect more items left in cart when the choices are higher. We see a 10% increase in cart abonnement in this trend in 2022.

This meant the consumers were choosing wisely and looking for higher priced items. It showed the consumers had managed their purchasing with sales.

Email and Text Worked

Text messages have four times increasing conversion rates since 2018. But email conversion rates still take the lead of 19.2% of the total conversions. Google Ads also contribute prominently with a 3.75% rate. Making the email and text conversions the leader.

Mobile Commerce Increasing

With 49.7% of conversions in 2021, mobile commerce surpassed desktop. With 53.4% of conversions last year, 8% more than desktop mobile became the conversion channel of choice. In order to accommodate their customers’ buying preferences, firms must make sure their websites are user-friendly and mobile friendly too.

Try these steps to design an easy mobile journey:

– Send abandoned cart text messages to customers with links to previously viewed products to entice them to convert and complete the transaction on their phone.

– Go where the customers are.

– Send them a text during the holiday sale frenzy to inform them that the price of or the availability of their preferred products has changed.


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