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The best dry shampoo will have you covered—without leaving behind an ugly powdery residue—whether you’re wanting to maintain a blowout, increase your volume, or refresh your roots between washes. Dry shampoo reduces oiliness, soaks up perspiration, and hides odor.

Using dry shampoo is essential when you want to stretch your style or skip wash day. Sebum, the follicle-produced natural oil of the scalp, is removed using dry shampoo. The starch’s components absorb the oils to make the food feel and look clean. You can use it to add volume and grit to normally fine or limp strands of hair in addition to using it to absorb oil and freshen hair in between washes.

In addition to being time-consuming and inconvenient, washing your hair every day can also be bad for your hair, leaving you with dry strands or an irritated scalp. Dry shampoo enters the scene to save the day (and your hair). This wonder product refreshes day one (or two or three) old hair and absorbs all the sweat, oil, and product buildup that might develop in between washes.


The average score for this famous dry shampoo was 4.5/5 for oil absorption, 4.6/5 for volume, and 4.4/5 for invisibility. It also received a perfect 5/5 for simplicity of usage. One tester reported that it left a small white residue, but they also mentioned that it mixes well and is easily brushed away.

This ultra-gentle, plant-based solution, which is appropriate for all hair types, uses starch and silica to combat oil and smells while organic oat milk calms the scalp.

The fine powder’s ability to absorb oil from the roots while not leaving hair feeling dry or chalky was well-liked by our testers. Another tester added that she felt as though she had used no dry shampoo at all.


This reasonably priced Dove choice, a favorite of many Beauty Lab experts, is the one to use if you want hair that genuinely feels clean, not built-up or ashy.

Its clean scent is similar to that of the brand’s soaps and shampoos. You should be careful to thoroughly brush it through and massage the product into your scalp and hair because it did receive a below-average rating for leaving visible residue on the hair. Some testers even noted that it left a white residue, even on blonde hair.

Some experts personally use it when they replenish dry shampoo because it’s one of the closest things to a true shampoo you can get without water.


This Kristin Ess product goes above and beyond what one would expect from a dry shampoo. To combat oil, get rid of odor, and extend the time between washes, it uses absorbent components. Also, it has a patented strengthening compound that shields hair strands from external stressors and smooths the appearance of split ends and damaged hair cuticles.

It’s volumizing, vitamin-enriched formula and capacity to instantly transform day-old hair from flat to gorgeous won over testers, and this product will undoubtedly be useful for anyone with thin, fine hair. “It took up extra oil well and provided my hair a touch of volume at the root. It is the ideal product for quick, on-the-go use because it swiftly dries and vanishes.

Because it is made without chemicals, sulfates, or phthalates, it is acceptable to use on hair that has been colored or treated with keratin. 


Dry shampoo is primarily used to swiftly refresh hair, and eliminate oil and any other unwelcome visitors that accumulate on your hair every day. Dry shampoo can also add gloss and a soft vanilla and jasmine fragrance to your hair.


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