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Sometimes, it’s only when the temperature starts to drop that we stop to analyze our closet. Winter arrives and with it several questions about how to dress appropriately for the season.

 We can use the models in different ways, few associate them, but it is possible to use dresses in winter, just know how to choose best shapewear for dress and combine with accessories. We’ll talk more about these tips and others in this article, so we’ve put together a list of The 5 Best Popilush Shapewear for Winter.

1. Bodysuit long sleeve

The long sleeve thong bodysuit comes first as it is one of the most versatile pieces in terms of casual wear. They are beautiful to wear with pants in the winter, you can choose leather pants, jeans, linen, all will go well with this outfit.

Add accessories like beanies and hats. The bodysuit is plain and matches other pieces that may have stripes, shapes or prints. Interesting, they also match skirts. Yes, it is possible to wear skirts in winter.

2. Shaping skirts

Skirts are very stylish. They can be used for work, family social gatherings and model the woman’s body in a unique way. For the winter, they combine very well with tights. Depending on the skirt, you can choose thin stockings in neutral colors for work and stockings with fun details for an informal event.

Another detail of the composition are the shoes. They look great with different types of boots, but we point out those with high tops and leather details. You can play with the color combination between skirt, boots and coat. If you don’t want to wear boots, high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe can provide a very chic look.

3. Long sleeve dress

These dresses are interesting modeling options as a single piece. Practicality, comfort are highlighted in this option. Can be combined with accessories for a more elegant casual look. They go well with hats, scarves, pieces that highlight the neck area and can help keep you warmer. You can still invest in scarves as more formal options to be used in the work environment, for example.

Even with long sleeves, depending on the temperature you will need to face, you can use leather jackets to increase the feeling of comfort and body warmth.

4. Modeling Legging Pants

Shapewear leggings are essential for shaping a woman’s hourglass waist. They are pieces that can be used in different ways. They are great for helpers in the practice of light physical exercises such as walking, they combine without any problem with sneakers and closed shoes. In addition, they can be used for simple outings, where you want to wear something more casual.

They look beautiful if combined with long colored coats or with pieces in colors that contrast with the pants. They can also be used in combination with ankle boots.

5. Wide gusset panties

The last option is for those who already own winter pants or regular leggings that are not shapewear and don’t want to buy another specific body-shaping outfit.

Just use a wide gusset panties, as they are great for shaping a curvy body, leaving a more uniform appearance, in addition, it is synonymous with comfort for the woman.


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