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Those who have been to a music festival know how difficult it is to decide on the ideal look for the occasion. The doubt between a more fashionista look and practicality always reigns during the preparations for the event. As they usually last for hours, festivals can be quite tiring and so comfort should come first so heavy clothes, open shoes and heels are a must. But in addition to paying attention to clothing, makeup can also help to further reinforce your personal style. The ideal is to bet on more practical makeup, but that will also guarantee you good photos for your memory. For those who are already getting ready to enjoy events like Lollapalooza and Tomorrowland, it’s worth keeping an eye on the makeup of the famous so you don’t make mistakes in the production.

The occasion will dictate the ideal make-up

Before deciding on the best makeup for the music festival, it is important to analyze the style of the event. For rock festivals, for example, black makeup with a more dramatic touch is very welcome, while for electronic music events, it is allowed to compose cool productions with neon tones. Other festivals, however, are known for attracting the indie and alternative scene, valuing more natural makes. Events with pop music also guarantee well-crafted productions, with makes appearing brightly and well-detailed.

Despite the style of music influencing the choice of makeup, there are no rules when setting up your production. The important thing is to feel comfortable and respect your personal style when choosing the ideal make-up.

Minimalist or bold makeup?

The opportunity is perfect to unleash your imagination and invest in bolder makeup. It’s worth investing in that eyeshadow that you still haven’t had the courage to use or that vibrant lipstick that you’re afraid to bet. Music festivals allow you to unleash creativity and bet on everything that is not so seen in everyday life. If the idea is to invest in more striking eyes, it is worth betting on colored eyeshadows and eyeliners, such as blue and green, sure bets on the productions of celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere, Emma Stone and Elle Fanning, or on more classic smokey ones, with black or brown. The lips can also gain all the prominence of the production, appearing with lipsticks with intense colors, such as red, pink and even bolder tones such as orange and purple, colors that promise to be successful during the next fashion seasons.

If you prefer, however, to invest in a more discreet look, you are also free to play in “make nada”, already paraded by celebrities such as Thaila Ayala at music festivals. Keeping the skin even, well lit and eyes highlighted with mascara will ensure a look with a more natural touch, perfect for outdoor events. Already the most modern and who are not afraid to dare, like the stars Kendall Jenner, Pixie Lott and Vanessa Hudgens.

Makeup needs to last all-day

As music festivals can be very long and tiring, it is important to bet on makeup that will ensure flawless production until the end of the event. Keeping your skin amazing or your eyeshadow and lipstick intact can seem like a daunting mission for women, but some foolproof tips to look gorgeous from start to finish. The first step is skin preparation, so moisturizing the face and using a primer are essential before applying foundation and compact powder, helping to set the products.

When it comes to the eyes, it is worth investing in waterproof products, which will resist heat or rain. For the lips, the ideal is to bet on long-lasting lipsticks, which promise to stay intact for up to 24 hours. Makeup-fixing products can also be great allies on days when the party is more intense.


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