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Look Your Best in Hot Season: 6 Tips to Follow

What the easiest season to look your best? If your answer is not summer, we would give you some advice on how to change it.

We understand that summer sometimes may be chaotic and uncomfortable for many different reasons. But don’t forget every problem had its solution. We totally can find a solution for your main struggle with summer. After reading this article it will be so much easier to look as if you’re truly in your prime (by the way, it’s totally true). We will help with some typical summertime issues most people are struggling with like how to wear makeup and how not to make it melts in a few minutes being on Sun. We suggest the best clothes for summer and how to choose it. And of course, we have some tips on how to spice your summer looks. Summer is the best season for experiments and bright brave looks!

It’s time to wear more dresses and skirts

Finally the weather is warm enough to show off your legs and let your skin breathe. Not only do dresses and skirts look more festive and feminine but also it’s the most comfortable option for wearing you can only imagine. As most of them are quite free and airy, so you’ll be feeling 100% good and comfy in them. They also give extra confidence to any woman that wears that.

If you looking for an eye-catching outfit you should definitely choose a dress or skirt. Even the brightest pants or jeans with an original design can beat a simple dress.

If you’re not confident enough to show a lot of your legs, choose mid or maxi length. Or you always can wear it together with tights.

Try new hairstyles

We love summer because we finally can show off our hair after hiding it in winter and in first weeks of spring. During warm weather we can try as much many different hairstyles as our imagination allow us. If you’re not a creative hair person, find some inspiration on Pinterest on YouTube. But remember that it’s important to feel not very hot  in summer when it comes to hair. So play with braids and make your hair go up. Here are great options you can try already today:

Experiment with sunglasses

Not only our eyes but also skin around needs a serious protection. If you don’t want to get early wrinkles, eyewear is your must-have.

Try fun challenges for this summer. Go to the stores and try as many types of sunglasses as you want. This way you can find the ones look the best on you.

Prefer a natural fabric for your summer clothes

In other seasons when it’s cold outside we don’t think much about the materials our clothes are made of besides we choose the knitted clothes to feel warmer when it’s freezing.

But what to do if you want to get the opposite effect when it’s 1000° Celsius even in the shadow?

First, prefer lighter tones. White is the perfect color for heat. You will feel so much better in white than in black.

 The second rule is to choose natural fabrics like linen, silk and cotton.

Try different head accessories

Do you know our needs strong protection from the sun? Purchase a sun protection hair spray if you are no planning to change your hair color for few tones lighter. The sun can do it! And if you even want lighter hair, you still need a spray or your hair will become dry and unhealthy.

In super hot days wear a cap, hat or even a wide headband from light color fabric could help. Beside it don’t forget summer is the time for experimenting with cool hair accessories like flower crowns, hair pins, headbands e.t.c.

Wear beauty products that is made for hot weather

Many people think makeup is suitable in summer for special occasions only. And if these occasions are happening in the evening when the sun is already down so it can’t melt your makeup. But we don’t agree with this statement! It’s actually the best time for wearing fun bright and shiny makeup. Summer is the right season for wearing lots of cute glittery highlighters, pink blushes and bright colored good pigmented eyeshadows. Have fun!

Don’t forget to wear a foundation that is made for summer. They usually are lighter, more liquidy and have SPF. During heat protect your foundation with a setting powder and makeup spray. Also during summer mascara can start melting so choose a waterproof one. Especially if you are going to the beach.


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