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What Is the New Nail Trend for 2022

Do you want to try new manicure styles this summer, but are not sure what brand new trendy nail art options are here for 2022. Don’t worry too much about it! We definitely will help you with it!

2022 is definitely the best time to try styles you haven’t tried brgiret. Both, as in clothes, as in manicures. Nowadays, there is such a huge selection of different trends for any taste. You will find something in your aesthetic for sure! Or maybe you’re not sure what style you are going for and are still in search for your personal aesthetic. In this article you can find a manicure you will want to try during the hottest months of the year. Maybe you will want to recreate even a few of them. In this article, we share a pretty big selection of the most fashionable nail art ideas you can even try to do by yourself. Yes, for those, you don’t even need a nail art master, as most of them are quite easy in making. Some of them are definitely on your nail art level. We believe in you! You can do it!

Some people tend to stick to one certain style of manicure. Most people even don’t care much about manicure and just choose a random color from their collection of nail polishes and apply it on all nails. And that’s it! Your nails are ready! But summer is the time for experiments! That’s more fun than you think!

So if you are ready for fun experiments with your nails, let’s go!

So what are the best options for fashionistas in the middle of 2022? Let’s start with popular colors first! The trendiest colors for nail art are actually the same as for clothes. You may see a lot of Instagram fashion models or on your Pinterest feed full of outfit inspiration.

Probably the main color of 2022 is green. All shades!!! From pastel to lime to grunge earth green all alternative girls are obsessed this year. Also, they mix really well together. You can use all of them on your nails at once and it won’t look too much. It seems super organically and stylish indeed!

One of the biggest trends is wavy lines. You can draw a couple of lines like this with a few shades of one color or use absolutely different colors of polishes you have on your shelf with nail polishes. This way you can your own personal rainbow, so nobody else will have exact same art on their nails as you do.

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Green is the color of nature, so it’s good to use for nature motives. You might it use by itself or to mix with some other colors that symbolize flowers, sun, anything natural. So some good mixes will, green and orange or yellow, green and red, green with pink or lilac. Also a purple will look good too.

Actually you can use beige, white, brown or any other neutral colors as a color foundation and then add quite big green rounds (they may be uneven). Then take a thin brush for nail polishes, take a black or very dark shade of green and start drawing any type of leaves. Choose the ones you can actually draw pretty easy.  You should get as a result something similar to what on a picture below.

Another super popular color is lilac. As lavander and purple. You use it to make a colorful french.  Rainbow french is might be the hottest summer nail trend. At least the funniest one, like 100%!

To make it even more original you can do one corner french as on this photo:

We sure you will like the next! It looks both classy and unusual.  For this one you need only a white color. Well, the glossy top will be a perfect addition.

Make a french manicure then add a few different lines. Every nail should look different and unique. The glue a special pearl. It makes it super elegant.

Another fun idea: make a corner bright coloured french manicure but this time add a color to the bottom too as on this picture:

Classic black and white never fail! Draw some rounds and lines with these colors and it will look stylish.

The easiest but still fresh manicure idea is just a bright dots on the bottoms. But before don’t forget about beige foundation!

Another blue and beige mix inspiration for you. Seems easy and absolutely genius!


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