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Getting a manicure is the only time of the week where you can actually see yourself relaxing and unwinding leaving all the worries behind once you give your hands to professional care.

The only thing however at the time that you do need to actually decide is the manicure pattern. When there are hundreds to choose from, this can take an unnecessary toll, which of course you don’t want to undertake.

So, taking care of you, here are some of the best summer manicure trends to try!

The Psychedelic Pattern

Everyone loves an incredible patterned moment and when you add the psychedelic effect, it goes from a 10 to a 100 in a matter of seconds.

We chose this as our first recommendation because we love fun colors and patterns – which is what summer is all about!

Pick your favorite color, be it all pastels or 50 shades of blue, the end result will be worth it. After you have your colors down, the only thing that remains is to choose whether the pattern should cover the entirety of the nail or parts of it.

Let us assure you, that you can go no wrong with either option! Have a great start to your summer with some psychedelics!

A Neon Moment

2022 has become all about embracing yourself and the colors around you. While neon colors in the past may have been seen as too bold, 2022 asks you to boost your confidence in any way you can.

So, to stay true to yourself, opt for a neon nail moment that will promise to make you shine!

Neon colors such as pinks, blues, greens, and yellows are the color of summer. To get the party train started opt for good neon paint!

Rhinestone Embellishments

If you’re one to add bling, then this is the manicure for you. Adding some pearls or rhinestones can raise your manicure standards from a 1 to a 100.

This type of manicure is perfect for date nights, beach parties, and a fun day at a waterpark. And isn’t that what summer is all about? Fun nails for a fun time.

Floral Prints

As you move away from spring into the summer, you want the remnants of the cool breeze and the flower-filled gardens with you. Lucky for you a floral print manicure will help you do just that.

Picking out a simple floral pattern of your favorite flower can help you bring you closer to feeling at home in the summer.

This fun manicure not only feels homey but also looks great with any outfit and for any event that you may be attending in the summer of 2022!

The Basics

While a patterned manicure is all fun and cool, the basic also remains classic. Just opting for one color is also pretty fun.

This could include the bold red, the shiny blue, the peaceful green, or the classic white. When opting to do just one color, it is always great to see uniformity, which again on its own is a perk to getting a manicure!

Manicures are the perfect way to start a fun-filled crazy summer and with our suggestions above, summer can be more ecstatic!


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