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The T-shirt is a staple of any wardrobe no matter your age, size, or style. These wardrobe staples go with everything, look great on everyone and are perfect item to throw on last minute to save the day when you have those “I have nothing to wear” moments.

They are also wardrobe staples much like a denim jacket and boots. There is no better way to make your outfits look instantly cooler than throwing on vintage tees. Vintage T-shirts are everywhere on the street style fashion scene and people have been wearing them on repeat.  No matter if the T-shirt is proper vintage or brand new, it still has the same effect.

These tees are a must-have for achieving a cool retro style and not to mention, make an outfit feel fresh. A vintage T-shirt paired with jeans is a timeless classic look, but this is definitely not the only way to style a tee. Different styling ways with the right tweaks prove that these tees can be worn almost everywhere. The retro T-shirt can be paired with almost anything and layering them with unexpected pieces produces the best looks. You do not have to save them for a lazy day and they can be dressed up for brunch with your girlfriends or give it a sexy twist with a skirt and heels. Below are some of the street-styles approved ways to rock them.

To ease into the trend, a vintage tee looks great with blue jeans and ankle boots. 

For chilly temperature in the Fall, the vintage tee can be worn over a long sleeve top. Keep the rest of simple with classic blue jeans a pair of black boots. 

A retro tee with a sheer maxi skirt? Well why not? Rock a glam chic look with an edgy tee, pleated skirt and a pair of heels. This look is great for feminine dresser. For another twist to the outfit, pair it with boots.

Up your fashion style game with roll up sleeves and a red lip.

You cannot go wrong with a mini denim skirt, a vintage T-shirt and a black blazer. This ensemble is as classic as jeans and tee. This modern inspired street style look is easy to put together. Add some interest to the look with a bag or accessories like a chain necklace or bracelet. More fashion tips please visit here


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