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Some Girls hoodies Outfits Trends This Summer

Clothing has always served as a vehicle of communication. What we wear is invariable, albeit unconsciously, an extension of who we are. Of our personality. The message we want to convey to the world. In addition to this fact, it is also true that all the pieces we use carry a story. However, some more than others. The hoodie, which we are so used to seeing in the most diverse circumstances, is one of the items with one of the most impetuous voices in the history of clothing. And one of the most controversial, too.

With a design that has changed little or nothing in the space of a century, the piece has been adopted, generation after generation, assuming, in most cases, an outsider posture by those who wear it, and integrating, almost always, the counterculture movements that , over time, have been distinguished. Someone who chooses to wear a hoodie immediately feels its effects. Putting a hood over the head carries with it a sense of protection, an impression of wanting to go unnoticed. At the same time, it warms up and, in a way, still screams to the world “I don’t even want to know” which is like saying “I don’t give a shit” — if you’ve never felt it, try this piece. From hip hop to punk, passing through the culture of skateboarding and urban gangs, he dressed the most varied bands, having been a symbol of art, music and, above all, of rebellion. At the same time, it also became an obstinate code of urban decay, even being banned from schools, in England, and even from certain public places. As with everything that is controversial, from an early age the life of this item of clothing is written by tumblers — like a rock star whose decadence manages to be, at the same time, the height of cool.

At a time when the confinement still had no end in sight, nothing better than choosing easy and comfortable clothes to be at home. So, on those days when you don’t have video calls with colleagues and bosses, hoodie looks can really be your best friend.

Indeed, hoodies (those sweaters with a hood) are an extremely comfortable piece that ensures complete freedom of movement. Consequently, to be working at the computer, or even to spend a day on the couch, are a safe bet.

However, as they are extremely casual and sporty, it’s important that you don’t use them when making work video calls.

So, if you think you can only wear hoodies with leggings or sweatpants, don’t be fooled. We bring you 6 good suggestions to get inspired. And to feel even more beautiful, at home.

1- With baggy pants

On those days when you wake up with no ideas, and all you want is comfort, there’s nothing better than betting on looks with hoodies and looser pants.

In addition to having total freedom of movement, you’ll feel good both to be at the computer and to watch TV in the evening. Or even to cook and play with the kids.

However, don’t forget to add light makeup to make yourself feel even prettier.

2 – With a blazer on top

If, despite working from home, you like to feel professional, without sacrificing comfort, how about putting a blazer over your hoodie?

At first glance it may seem like a crazy idea, but the truth is that it works. Then, when you shut down your computer, just take off your blazer and go back to ultra comfort mode.

It’s never been easier to feel beautiful and comfortable.

3- With leggings

Whether it’s to be at home working, or to go for a hygienic walk near the house, the combination of a hoodie with leggings never fails.

Easy and comfortable, it’s a good choice for days when we wake up bored or tired.

4 – With a skirt

You know that skirt you bought and haven’t even taken it out of the closet yet, because of the confinement? Try combining it with a hoodie, both for working at the computer and spending a day relaxing.

You’ll feel pretty and feminine, without sacrificing comfort with these hoodie looks.

5- With matching pants

There are many hoodies sold with matching pants, like a tracksuit. So, if you have a set at home, this is a good time to wear it.

So when you don’t have important work video calls, embrace comfort and feel wonderful, with complete freedom of movement.

To work at the computer, relax on the couch watching a new series or even help the kids with their homework.

6- With torn pants

You know those ripped pants you love but almost never wear because of work? Take advantage of the confinement to wear them.

For a super comfortable result, pair it with a hoodie and your favorite slippers. You’ll feel warm and beautiful, whether you’re working at the computer or playing with the kids.


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