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6 Engagement Ring Styles That Will Make Her Say Yes

When you find that one perfect person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want to scream on top of your lungs and showcase them around for everyone to see. When you’re in love and want to pop the big question, everything needs to be perfect.

Whether it is the proposal, the wedding party, or the honeymoon – the key piece to all of this is the perfect engagement ring. A ring that will automatically make her say yes!

An engagement ring means not only showing the commitment the couple has promised to make but also showing how well the proposer knows their partner.

What this means is that the ring while needs to be beautiful, it also needs to represent what the partner would love to show off.  Buying what the beautiful bling they deserve and is in their style will definitely make the nerve-wracking experience 100% better!

So, here is a guide to 6 Engagement Ring Styles That Will Make Her Say Yes!

Brilliant Round Cut

If your partner is one who thrives on traditions and classics, this is one that is perfect for them. A round cut means that the center stone is the one that shines. Engagement rings are all about the bling and shine and this cut makes the stone prominent.

Traditionally opting for a brilliant diamond in this cut will really exhibit the love you have for your partner. Opting for this type of engagement will definitely gain you the brownie points not just with your partner, but with everyone else as well. An added bonus in our books!

  • Heart-Shaped Cut

Pouring your heart out with a heart ring for your lover – isn’t that cute? Well, if you are all in and a romantic at heart, the heart-shaped cut will be the perfect ring to commence the moment with.

A heart your lover gets to keep close at all times – a picturesque love story!

  • Side Stones

A three-ring stone represents, the past, present, and future. If this is the representation you want your engagement to show an engagement ring with side stones will be perfect for you!

The center stage is made up of the rock, which is of course traditionally diamond, and the side stones can be anything that might represent your relationship. For example, Sapphires or Emeralds are a popular choice. It could also be the birthstones of your partner!

A completely unique and personalized effect!

Diamond Ring 1 ct tw with Sapphires 14K White Gold
  • Princess Cut

With a name like that what will make you not opt for it? If you consider your partner to be the boss like a princess, this is it for you. Look no further.

With its brilliance and sparkle, the princess cut is cold enough to break down a princess to say yes. What more would you want?

  • Halo Effect

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of an engagement that is a show-stopper, yet chic and sophisticated enough then the Halo ring is the best for your angel.

This ring provides the perfect blend of bling and shines with gemstones surrounding the center of attention, which is your diamond. Diamonds are all about clarity, rather than the carrots. The Halo effect will make sure your ring gives the clarity as well as the beauty of heavy on the carrots.

  • Bezel Settings

A unique engagement ring for your once-in-a-lifetime proposal. Bezel Setting rings are engagements ring preferred by only those who want to take a hundred steps.

This type is one of a kind, like your soon-to-be fiancée. Go for this ring and it will definitely be a yes!


We have done our part in giving you suggestions. One last piece of advice is to take notice of your partner’s personal style and it’ll help you reach a decision.

Other than that – whichever ring you may opt for from the list above, we give you, our congratulations! Take the leap it will be a YES! More fashion tips here


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