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Hats are very popular accessories and can give a major boost to your wardrobe. Putting on a hat is a lot easier than styling your hair. Hats are also great for those whose bangs have not grown out and need to keep them off the face.Wearing a hat is a good way if you want to stand out because the dressing is fun and hats are totally fun to wear. It can completely transform your outfit.

Why do most people wear hats? For style and statement of course. Should the hat match the color of your clothing? That is the question that everyone has in their minds before they put on the hat. Well, as long as the hat complements the outfit, you are all good. Hat colors that match with almost anything are gray, brown, black, tan and navy.

Besides wearing hats for fashion, many people put them on for protection against the sun. Although our body needs Vitamin D, too much sun is damaging to the skin, especially on the face because this part of our body is very sensitive. Apart of using sunblock to protect the skin, hats such as caps and bucket hats are good.

Baseball cap is the most commonly used hats around the world. It is simple, casual and easy to wear. Great as grab-and-go hats. Baseball caps have either short or medium size bill that can be curved or flat in the front. A bucket hat is also known as a fisherman’s hat that features a wide, downward-sloping brim. It is typically made from cotton fabric such as canvas and denim.

So which one is better?  Baseball Cap or Bucket Hat?

When it comes to UV protection against the sun, both offer good sun protection. A baseball cap has a stiff visor which may be less comfortable against the head. When it comes to comfort, bucket hats take the lead. In terms of sun protection, a bucket hat is undisputed because it has 360-degree brim which offers better protection for all sides of the head. This includes protection for the ears too because wearing baseball caps expose the ears.

In terms of fashion, it all depends on the kind of outfits and style you want. Actually, there is no one hat that is better than the other. Baseball cap is as much a fashion item as it is a piece of sportwear because of its simple and cool design. If you have on a sports-luxe ensemble, donning a baseball cap is a great addition to the outfit. Its convenience and versatility make it a must-have.

Bucket hat trend was very popular in the 90s and it is continuing to trend in 2021. The 90’s vibe is still gaining popularity especially within the skater culture. They have been a street style favorite and are perfect for the laid-back urban look. To slay the look with a bucket hat, try pairing the hat with a bomber jacket high top or a jersey.


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