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Do you have problems when you are supposed to create an outfit for the day? You ususally make a perfect combo but something always seems to be missing? Those would probably be accessories. If you would like to find out more about those, see some examples and hear a couple of advices than you should definitely continue reading this article.

Creating a perfect outfit sometimes simply doesn’t seem enough. In order for your look to be complete, you should definitely add up some accessories. And today we are talking specifically about statement accessories. Statement accessories would be the kind of accessories that are absolutely the first thing on someone’s outfit.

For example if you are wearing an all black outfit and you pair it with a red bag that bag would be a statement accessory in that case. Statement accessory doesn’t neccesarily have to be about color. Huge chunky earrings would also go under a category of statement accessory.

It all depends on you and your taste and of course your outfit. But, have no doubt that accessories absolutely complement your outfits in the majority of cases. They are more or less like a cherry on top. Today we would like to present to you a couple of statement accessories that we have found online in different webshops:

PRETTY LITTLE THINGS HUGE GOLDEN EARRINGS – When we talk about statement earrings this what we mean. There is no way for these ones not to be noticed. These earrings pretty much would be a perfect accessory to add up to those simple monochrome outfits.

ANTHROPOLOGIE NECKLACE – There isn’t a more beautiful thing than a little black dress and statement necklace or any kind of classic simple dress actually. Sometimes when you wear a really simple dress and you don’t know how to combine it all you need to do is to throw on a statement necklace like this one.

CHANEL BELT – Is there a better statement belt than a Chanel belt? This one would be especially good for all of you who like pearls.

GUCCI SUNGLASSES – We all need a pink view of the world sometimes and this statement Gucci sunglasses would help you out with that.

SHOPBOP STATEMENT BAG – Statement bag is something every girl should have in her closet. It is a huge accessory that usually gets a lot of attention so it is good to invest in that accessory. For more fashion info, please click this link


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