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The repeating outfit can be surprisingly easy, but it does take some creativity. Sometimes your closet is the best store you can browse. Play it with a new character. When adding your perfect layering piece, consider which textures can change your outfit. Not all of us are born with the best fashion sense right off the bat. Acquiring a good style can take time, and it even requires a healthy amount of self-reflection. Here are some of the basic pieces of clothing you can wear over and over again.

1. Ribbed Scoop Neck Tee

These are most likely the best t-shirts. The length is perfect, the material is just right (not too thin or thick), and the fabric has just the right amount of stretch. Plus, the neckline is also perfect and not too deep. It is cool and comfortable and goes with everything.

2. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

Black mid-rise skinny jeans you can pair with literally any freaking top in your wardrobe. Magic exists, and these pants are proof.

3. Petite Draped Blazer

This Blazer is a saving grace for “I’ve overslept again!” mornings. Just put on a tee, your favorite jeans, this blazer, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re heading into the city for a day or out to a bar at night, a dark color blazer and jeans is an excellent outfit to rock. 

4. Juniors’ High-Waist Cuffed Jean Shorts

These are so soft and comfortable! The color is easy to match with tops and they have a good amount of coverage, as well.  Never loses its shape.

5. Rib Knit-Tank

A Rib Knit-Tank that can literally be worn with any difficult-to-match bottom. It is durable and it is comfortable and stretchy. You can wear it with a denim jacket.

6. Striped Button-Down Cotton Shirt

Pair it with denim and ankle boots or a pair of black or grey leggings and toss on a pair of white sneakers. Layer your striped button-down over a sweater for an unexpected layering look that’ll also keep you warm for the colder spring mornings. Be sure to keep everything else neutral so you have just the right amount of color.

7. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are comfortable Because they are made from the same material used in the construction of jeans, denim jackets are durable, strong, and long-lasting. As long as you care for your denim jacket, it can literally last for over a decade, all while giving you the highest level of comfort and style

I don’t think it is bad to wear the same dress twice, even I worn same dress twice, thrice and many times with different styles confidently. And adding it with some decent accessories. Well it depends on the dressed appearance, it’s not bad also that once you wear the clothes, you don’t wear them at any other way. Wearing the same with full confidence will give you the best look and will help you create your own idea on how to wear it in different styles and on how to play with your dress with another pair of combination.


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