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Finally, Summer is in! Lounging by the pool, basking in the vitamin D, and having a good time with friends and family during this warm weather is a dream! You can`t forget to style well though! Being stylish during Summer is easy and making sure that you wear clothes that also help you in protecting your skin will assure you that you can enjoy the Summer fun without compromising your skin and health! Here are some easy ways to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the Sun:

Lace Duster

Lace dusters are like the “day nightgowns.” You can still do layering in your outfit with the help of lace dusters! You can turn a simple tank top and shorts outfit to a more put-together style by simply adding a lace duster.

This is such a sweet touch to your overall look and can also help shield your skin from the Sun without making you feel hot. Lace has a thin fabric so you can still feel comfortable while having a bit of sun protection.

Unique Face Masks

Nowadays, the majority of people are wearing masks while outside. Whether it`s because of pollution or the virus. Wearing masks doesn`t have to be a hindrance in looking and feeling good. Face masks now come in a variety of stylish designs like a scarf face mask and floral printed face mask which is really lovely in design.

You can even wear a matching sweat suit and face mask set. This set will help you keep covered from the sun at the same time protect you from pollution and virus. This is a great outfit to wear for casual errands. If you want a cool looking mask, you can also opt for a tie-dye face covering.

Protect your Face and Hair with Hats

Hats are a great way to not only protect your face but also your hair. Your hair can get damaged easily if you stayed too long out when it`s too hot. If you have a dressier outfit, you can opt for a bigger hat with straw or woven design. If you have a casual outfit, a minimalist camo styled baseball cap is the way to go. For a cuter touch, you can even put your hair in a ponytail and loop your hair through the cap`s hole.


Wearing activewear clothing is probably your best bet for a more casual and comfortable look. The summer season can make us feel irritated and bothered most of the time especially if it`s humid. Wearing activewear or athletic clothes can help keep you comfortable and less bothered by the weather.

You can still look good with activewear by wearing a sweatshirt with high-waisted pants, or a simple crop top with a pair of yoga pants or leggings. There is much stylish activewear you can choose from which is why it`s best to check for minimalist athletic clothes you can easily pair with other clothing pieces.


If you aren`t too keen on wearing clothing items other than tank tops and shorts, no worries! Wraps and scarves got you! Whenever you have to go out a bit for a quick errand, you can quickly throw on a wrap scarf which will not only dress you up but also shield your skin from the sun.

White Dresses

Linen dress. Lapel collar and short sleeves. Front patch pockets. Tied self belt. Front closure with contrasting buttons.
Linen dress. Lapel collar and short sleeves. Front patch pockets. Tied self belt. Front closure with contrasting buttons.

White dresses are convenient clothing items you must have during Summer. You can choose a loose-fitting white dress so you won`t feel too cramped up and sweaty. White dresses tend to be more airy, and makes you feel good and comfortable despite the warm weather.

Summer is all about enjoying the sun but making sure that you`re well-protected against the harsh rays of the sun is important. With the right clothing pieces, you can be well protected from the sun at the same time stylish without compromising comfort.


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