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Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. Do you know what does that means? It means that it is time for you to pull out your favorite knitwear and store your summer clothing. We don’t know are you excited about the upcoming season but we certainly are!

Autumn and winter are that period of the year when layers are necessary. That means that you need to wear more clothing than usual. Knitwear allows you to wear all sorts of combinations when it comes to your outfits. Basically, everyone wears knitwear, right? The usual knitwear form is comfy sweaters but if you want to spice it up a bit maybe you should consider wearing a knitted dress?

Boat neck knit dress
Boat neck knit dress

There are many advantages to wearing a knitted dress. The first one is that you will definitely stay warm during cold winter days and depending on the material it can be comfortable as well. It is better to avoid awfully tight dresses which consist of acrylic materials or polyester. In case you choose to wear something like this it is not likely that you will feel comfortable at all. Actually, it can ruin your mood for the day. The best option is to choose natural materials like wool, cashmere, or cotton. Though you should be careful with wool because it can be itchy sometimes ( depends on the quality of the wool ).

Some people can’t stand wearing wool at all! So the point is that you need to know which materials suit you best. Regarding colors may be the best option is to go with earthy or so-called neutral tones. In that way, you would be able to combine your knitted dress better.

Just imagine wearing a monochrome beige look that consists of your perfect knitted dress and a dream coat. You can’t choose better if you ask us. If you want to wear your knitted dress during autumn you can combine in with a leather jacket. Those different materials would make your outfit only more interesting.

We went online window shopping ourselves and decided to help you out by choosing a few knitted dresses. These are our favorites so we hope that you will like them too. Every dress will be linked down below so feel free to tell us your opinion because we can’t wait to hear it.


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