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No matter the outfit, your haircut is one of the main things that people can see especially when they look at you in the eyes, your hair`s the next thing they mostly look at. Having the best haircut for this season can help amp up your daily outfit. Here are some of the best haircuts for women this year:

1. Wavy Highlights

Can`t decide on which color you want for your hair? Why not try some loose wavy highlights? This haircut definitely looks cute and charming. You can wear a big headband for a classic vintage vibe.

2. Long Bob

Cutting your hair short is probably scary especially if you`ve never done it before and if you have really long hair. Worry not! You can try a “lob” or “long bob” to lean on the safe side. If you don`t like your short hair, it just needs a few inches and you`ll have your long hair back!

3. The New Bob

The new bob is like the “lob” or “long bob” but the new bob is quite tousled and wavier. This is one of the freshest haircuts you can get during spring or summer. It`s easy to style and isn`t high maintenance

4. Curly Bangs

Have you caved into the urge of your emotions to cut your bangs but hated it in the end? Why not try curling and styling them for a twist of vintage and modern hair?  

Curly bangs are definitely trendy right now and can make your features look softer by framing your face.

5. Tight Curls

Tight curls had always been very popular thanks to celebrities and supermodels like Tyra Banks who always rocked tight curls in her show years ago “Tyra.”

This haircut and style look very elegant, can frame your face well, at the same time easy to style whether it`s for an updo or hair down.

6. One Length

One length haircut and style is very trendy because of its sleek and simple look. This minimalist hairstyle is a hit among fashionistas. This look is very reminiscent of vintage hairstyles which you can simply put a clip-on, and you`ll immediately look sophisticated.

Wavy highlights, “lob” or long bob, the new bob, curly bangs, tight curls, and one length are some of the best haircuts and styles to rock this year! These styles are definitely fashion-forward, easy to style and maintain, and practical.


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