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Summer has been sizzling us on its plate which is why a lot of trendy clothes right now are meant to help you feel comfortable in this warm weather. Wearing summer clothing doesn`t mean you just need to lounge around in your shorts and tank top, there are many popular summer styles right now which can help you dress easily and comfortably. Here are some stylish looks you can try this season:


Puff-Sleeve Crop Top
Acid Wash Drawstring Joggers

Drawstrings in tops and bottoms have been increasingly popular. There`s a simple reason behind this. Drawstrings help you adjust your clothes perfectly well according to your comfort. They don`t require buttons, snaps, and zippers. All you need to do is untie the tie and adjust it to meet your level of comfort, and simply tie it back to place. This is an awesome trend that adds a cute and casual touch to your clothes.

You can wear a V-Neck crop top with drawstrings and a pair of acid wash drawstring joggers. This is such a fun way to dress easy and stylish without compromising comfort.

Bermuda Shorts

White Stuff White Bermuda Denim Shorts
White Stuff White Bermuda Denim Shorts

Bermuda shorts are great pieces to have in your closet because they can be worn casually at the same time worn in a more formal setting like at work. They`re the middle ground of shorts and pants which is why it`s a versatile clothing item that can come in handy.

You can wear this with a simple blouse and a pair of sandals for a more work-appropriate look, or you can simply wear this with a simple long sleeves shirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual style.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are in! This cute and vintage touch to your top is definitely a must-have. Any casual top can look dressy with puff sleeves! You can wear check out dresses, and rompers with puff sleeves and pair this with a pair of sandals to look dressier and office-appropriate. If you want a more casual look, you can simply find a top with puff sleeves, and wear this with a pair of high-waisted pants and sandals. This is such an easy way to look feminine, dressed up, and really cute.


Jersey Shorts
Jersey Shorts

It might be too hot to wear the pants you’ve been in since quarantine, so swap them for a pair of shorts. These athleisure bottoms offer the same level of comfort without leaving you perspiring heavily. Wear them while running your weekend errands or when you’re just hanging out with a glass of rosé on the couch.

Shorts are your best friend this Summer. If you want to lounge around the house, work from home, or even workout, you would want to be comfortable and feeling fresh all the time so having a few shorts in your closet will be really handy.

Ditch the over-sized baggy pants and shirts. You can wear shorts with a simple graphic tee or crop top, and you`ll look absolutely cute!

Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll dresses are very trendy right now. If you want to feel pretty, feminine, and stylishly cute in a dress, you can bet on a baby doll dress. Since most baby doll dresses have loose-fitting, sweating and feeling uncomfortable is one less thing to worry about. You can enjoy the day with the flowy and airy feeling baby doll dresses can give. You can wear this with a pair of sandals, or sneakers.

Mini Wrap Dress

Mini wrap dresses are just like baby doll dresses. You can wear this comfortable in the summer because most wrap dresses tend to be flowy and loose-fitting. You can wear this with a pair of high heels for work, or sneakers for a casual setting.

Summer has brought us trendy clothing pieces which are not only stylish but helps us be more comfortable in this warm weather. With these outfits, you can be assured that you can look and feel beautiful and fashionable easily this Summer.


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