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The Ever Pretty online store has a huge collection of party dresses, that is why it’s easy to find a dress that suits you and is part of your style. Wedding parties, debutantes and graduations require a social dress, which emphasizes the moment of respect that these parties represent. So, I separated three colors of dress that will make you rock at the next party.

Red party dress

Red is a color that conveys love and passion, a vibrant tone associated with energy and determination. The red dress is classic, democratic and timeless, the right option when choosing your party dress, as it looks beautiful in all skin tones and shows intensity. In addition, the red color looks even sexier in a dress with cutouts or transparency.

And for brides who want to make their bridesmaids the highlight of the party, indicating models of red dresses can be a good option. In addition, the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses can even harmonize with the colors of the wedding decor.

Green dress

Green is the color of hope and health, but it also represents intensity and delicacy. Brides can ask their bridesmaids to wear green on their wedding day. In this case, there is a wide variation in tone, ranging from dark green to a lighter and more subtle tone. This gives freedom for the bridesmaids to choose which shade of green they like best.

And those who go to college in the health field, such as nurses, doctors and first responders, can use green at graduation to represent their higher education. This is very common, for example, in Brazil.

Pink party dress

The pink dress is graceful, conveys serenity and beauty. The bride’s bridesmaids are usually her closest single friends. However, bridesmaids have a more important symbolism and objective historically. In the Middle Ages, during of the wedding ceremony, bridesmaids wore dresses and bouquets similar to the bride’s in order to confuse evil spirits. With the help of the bridesmaids, the bride would be protected from negative energies. Today, following the superstition that bridesmaids should wear dresses similar to that of the bride, one can opt for pieces with neutral and simple colors so that the dresses do not end up disturbing the bride’s special moment and drawing more attention than the dress her. long bridesmaid dresses pink to adorn the bride and harmonize the beauty and delicacy of the event is a great choice.

Pink also conveys tranquility and femininity, so brides can use details with color in the dress, in the flowers of the bouquet or in their jewelry to give more prominence and originality to their look.

When choosing the color of your ideal dress, pay attention only to the type of event, as you may not want to wear, for example, a dress similar in color to the bride. Then bet on your favorite color. And remember, Ever Pretty offers different models and colors of dresses at affordable prices, just find in the store the dress that best suits your personality and style. You can find more fall bridesmaid dresses 2020 here.


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