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With the world panicking about the novel coronavirus pandemic, we can use any help we get. The personal protective equipment will play a crucial role in saving us from the viral infection. They will prevent the spread and deterioration of health. In a way, they can also help in early detection and treatment. If you know the right sources, it is easy to acquire their benefits. Coronavirus is not to be taken easily and the world has realized that now. While you stay home and stay safe, you can buy some essential personal care devices and essentials that will help to keep you on the safe side. Shieldhelp is stocked with some high-quality health essentials that will go a long way in keeping the deadly disease away from you and your loved ones.

Safety goggles

Coronavirus can enter our bodies through our eyes, nose, and mouth openings. That is why it is being told that we should sneeze into our elbows and not touch our face without washing our hands. The safety goggles will keep your eyes safe. they are designed to block any unwanted particles from entering your eyes. Safety eye-wears by Shieldhelp are comfortable to wear, efficient in blocking the virus and also keep your vision clear of any fog or mist layer deposition. Often, the medical staff uses this eyewear but there is nothing wrong with others using it too. Though the coronavirus cannot travel far off distances through the air, you never know what you will be touching throughout the day. These shields are just like the cooling glasses you wear but with more coverage and safety straps.

tem gun

The infrared thermometer is the best thermometer to know if a person has a fever. One of the symptoms of coronavirus is elevated body temperature. Any foreign body that enters our body will activate the white blood cells that in turn produce antibodies. These will increase body temperature like a defense mechanism. This happens during the corona infection too. These temperature guns from Sheildhelp do not require physical contact like the mercury thermometer. They detect the infrared radiation that is emitted by our body and the temperature is recorded on their screens. Any deviation from the body’s normal temperature should be taken seriously. In case, the temperature is on the high side, you should get yourself checked. These devices are accurate in measuring the fever but they don’t have to be accurate sources to detect coronavirus infection. The fever can be because of various reasons. also, the symptoms are not visible until a week or so later.

disposable face mask

Disposable masks are a privilege to many now. With the virus taking the people down the death lane, no one is stepping out without them. Covering your mouth with a mask will prevent any accidental virus entry through your mouth. And if you have a cold or cough, the infected particles will not fall on other surfaces and cause infection in others.

The small things we do to save ourselves will go a long way in keeping the people around us safe too. That is why these basic personal protection necessities equipment is needed.


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