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“This is the season of sexy devils and naughty school girls! Halloween is coming to us. Before you put on that sexy nurse’s suit, you should take a step back and reconsider your choice. You just want to be another in the room. A sexy nurse, still want to stand out in this Halloween?

If you choose to be more original at this Halloween, Spectrum will satisfy you! Get inspired by the unique costumes you might not see.
First, we must build a blacklist. We know that these may be super simple and cheap, but we can guarantee that you won’t win any clothing competitions in these games.

Sexy animals (mouse, cat, dog…): Yes, we know, “You are a mouse, oh,” but this line may have been used too many times. This may be a good, last minute costume until a party you don’t know at night, but Halloween is more than a week and you have time to find something more original.

Doctor/Nurse/Police: You will not use these costumes to save any life, because you may make everyone boring to death. These have been done many times and they are no longer excited about anyone. We don’t mean it, we are just reality.

Sexy girl/teacher: I don’t know you, but we have seen enough teachers and students on campus. If it’s not Cher Horowitz Clueless clothing, then obviously you will spend very little energy planning your outfit.


“I love it” by Kanye West and Lil Pump

This may be a two person’s clothing idea, or you can use this alone. This requires some serious effort because you may have to make clothes from cardboard. This is a very spectacular outfit, so you will definitely get some attention. When the two dress up as Fijian and Perrier bottles, you can even choose to reproduce them as a video SNL. Glittering or still, you choose!

Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earrings

This is very simple, cheap, absolutely super original. You only need a black one-piece swimsuit, some smooth hair for that intuitive ocean look and one earring instead of two, because you lost another one in the ocean (obviously). Matching all these with the famous Kardashian crying face, you will be very happy. If you include “Kardashian Klan” to find the earrings around you, you can also turn it into a group outfit.

Meme clothing (Arthur, Moth, Salt Bae, Walmart Yodeling Kid, …)

Showcase your memetic culture and prove that you are the true memetic connoisseur of these costumes. They are also very easy and cheap, because you can already find most of the items you need in the wardrobe. For Arthur, you need a yellow sweatshirt and some glasses. If you want to be a moth, you can dress in beige and attach some cardboard antennas to your head or headband. Walmart Yodeling Kid is also very simple: you need a red bow tie, a white dress shirt and some cowboy boots (vocals are optional, but recommended!).


This costume is definitely the simplest (and the most lazy) costume on this list. All you need is a black hoodie, some black tones and a spray can of the color of your choice. You can add this costume with a half-broken print frame in his famous “Balloon Girl” piece.

Childhood retrogression

Choose to be your favorite cartoon character! From Kim Possible to Dora the Explorer, Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have a wide range of options, from very original solo or group costumes. You can choose to use Flying Girl or Dexter’s lab clothing for a bit of simplicity, or you can use a serious teenage Titan or Flinstones cosplay costume to enhance it. No matter what you choose to do, you will still have an original outfit that will bring some bittersweet nostalgia to the party.


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