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Nowadays crop top are very popular among girls as they give them cute and girly look. Some crop tops can also spice things up and make you look hot and ready for the party. These crop tops are best with the high waist jeans. Some trending looks to go for:

Tube top with high waist ripped jeans

Tube tops are the sexiest top that you can own in your wardrobe. These tops give you the tight fitting and enhance all your natural curves. They are best when paired with the high waist ripped jeans. You can go with the solid one color tube top or you can go with the extra glamorous shimmery tube top.

Halter crop top with high waist slim fit jeans

Halter neck is very beachy and looks very feminine on t he girl’s body. It will make your back and shoulder pop out beautifully. You can pair these halter neck top with the high rise jeans. You can also go with the flare high waist jeans to look more unique and different. You can choose the lace work details on this top to get party look.

Spaghetti crop top with high waist jeans

Spaghetti crop top gives you the casual vibes and a girly look overall. If you are running late and still want to look amazing, you can go with these tops and pair them with the high rise jeans. Complete the look with the high heels and you are ready to go without much effort.

Denim lacing top with high rise jeans

Lacing on denim looks very detailed and beautiful. This top looks expensive but comes at a very reasonable price range. You can rock the denim on denim look with these beautiful top and a high waist jeans. To complete the entire look go for the black ankle boots.

Mesh crop top with high waist jeans

Mesh tops looks amazing and is usually worn in parties. You can go with the mesh design which is having larger spaces between them or you can choose the smaller one. Pair them with the high waist skinny fit jeans and complete the look by carrying a statement handbag or sling bag.


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