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The crop tops

The crop tops are one of the most fashionable and bold tops available for the women. If you want to flaunt your belly button, you can choose the stylish crop tops. You may think that these tops look good only on slim women, but you are wrong. These crop tops are meant for all the women having any type of figure. It looks flattering on all types of figures. There are many styles available in the crop tops and thus, you must be careful while choosing one for yourself.

Choosing the right style

The style of the crop tops depends on many things such as length, fit, cut and design. The length in the crop tops can be below your bra line or just above your belly button. Both of these lengths look equally flattering on all women. However, the crop top that ends just above the belly line makes you look more stylish as only a small portion of the skin is exposed. You can pair the crop tops with any high-waisted bottoms. The fit of the crop may be tight or loose and you can pair it with the right bottom wear. In the tight crop tops you will find crop top with knot  which is very stylish. The knots can be fixed or you can tie it yourself.

Choose crop for to create a party look

You will find different types and styles in the crop tops which is suitable for all figures. The cold-shoulder crop tops, off-shoulder crop tops and the crop top with knot  are the most hyped fashion clothes for the women. You can find these tops with matching bottom wear such as skirts. You will find beautiful prints in the crop tops and skirts. These tops are great to be worn at any occasion and event during the summer season. You can also wear these crop tops with jeans and hot pants. These crop tops are very stylish and fashionable and these will not match the style of any other women’s tops.

The front-tie crop tops  look very cute and it can be worn by all women. These tops look very conservative and is best for the women who are not comfortable in exposing much of their body. However, you can also find these tops in very short lengths. This top has a retro touch and you can easily pair it with skirts, jeans, etc.

Wear the right footwear

With the front-tie crop tops  you must always wear high heels and wedges. You can choose nude colours in your footwear or you can match the colour of your footwear with your shoes.


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