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The Middleton School District announced that it will resume employees participating in the Halloween costume dispute last week after the investigation.

In a statement sent to the district’s website on Wednesday, Supervisor Josh Middleton wrote: “Our focus is now on giving everyone the opportunity to grow together into a community.”

Middleton wrote: “It is worth noting that after the district review, it has been confirmed that these teachers and assistants only have love and commitment in their hearts.” “The educators involved chose the profession to work and educate all students. We are confident in their ability to provide an effective learning environment for every student in the building.”

The teachers and assistants who participated in the photo also issued a statement.

“Although our intentions are not malicious or malicious, we have recently lacked an understanding of our understanding of the impact of choices made, regardless of our intentions,” the statement said. “We are taking action individually and collectively. And will continue to take steps to learn, grow, and better understand and accept cultural differences.”


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