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You not only want to stay warm I style, but also want to stay warm in clean clothes. Just like all other clothes, outerwear gets dirty with every wear and if you intend to ever reuse it, you will need to keep it clean. With the latest fashion trends, outerwear is not only functional during cold weather but can also be worn as fashion accessories for casual or formal occasions. You might think that it is just a matter of throwing that dirty jacket into the washing machine but alas, it involves much more than that, especially if you do not want to spoil your special coat or jacket.

Look at the tag

The inside of your coat has a tag that spells out all you need to know about its maintenance so it makes sense that this is the first place you should look. It will tell you whether to machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean. Other also specify temperature levels and detergents among others.

Sort different materials

You might have a number of coats or jackets with different materials, so it is prudent that you sort the different materials and wash them separately as they might all require different forms of care. Washing wool separate from nylon will preserve your clothes.

Make use of your dry cleaner

When in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert. Drycleaners deal with outwear all the time so they know how to wash and care for the different materials of your precious clothes. After all, it is best to spend a little on dry cleaning than ruin a perfectly good coat. If it’s leather, fur or suede, the general rule is that you ought to run straight to your dry cleaner and let them do what they do best.


After washing your coat or jacket, it is ready for your wearing pleasure. However, be ready for some wear and tear with multiple washes.




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