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A Halloween tragedy caused two children to be injured in the hospital with a gunshot, and now it has become a miracle of Christmas.

On Halloween, five-year-old Mael and his 14-year-old sister, Makiyah, were shot while being tricked.

This tragedy shocked the Olney community in Philadelphia.

When Yuri Bell heard what was going on, she reached out to her mother’s mother, Dominique Wise, to see what she could do to help him.

“I gave her a call, we started talking, I found that they lived in the basement. It just hurt my heart, I can’t even explain it,” Bell said.

It was then that Yuri realized that helping the family required more tasks than she could.

“I said, ‘I can’t just change her life by giving her a Christmas present. This woman needs a home. She needs to provide some things to her son who is now in a wheelchair.”

So Yuri turned to social media with the help of friends.

The GoFundMe event raised thousands of dollars in less than 24 hours.

Dominic said that although her daughter is used to walking without a cane, and her five-year-old son must learn to walk again, she is grateful.

“The income of 4 people has not changed much. It is very rough, so it is like a fresh air. The light in the dark,” she said.

Dominique’s story has attracted local celebrities such as Meek Mill and PnB Rock, who want to help. Someone also donated a mattress so that children no longer need to sleep on the floor.

A mother’s request for another mother may help bring the family the Christmas they deserve.


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