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Halloween may have passed, but at least we can still review and remember the good times it brings us. More specifically, we can look back at the school’s Halloween party for the students.

On October 30th, the Student Life and Athletics Program hosted a Halloween party at the Gallagher Room at the New Town Campus of the Xionglu Community College. “Halloween parties are a gathering of student life gatherings. They do this every year,” said Matt Cipriano, director of student life and academic programs.

The party it threw into the room was filled with joyful music and lighting to suit the atmosphere. Students can also enjoy games and food for free.

In addition to the party itself, there is also a costume competition where students wear the most glamorous outfits to see which one is the best. For those students who do not want to stay on campus all day and have a duty to go out, the club has considered it in advance.

“What we do is let the students log in, tell us who they are, what they dress up, and some form of connection.” Cipriano said. “Clothing competitions are a big attraction for Halloween parties. We know that students are busy with their activities, so we want to be flexible enough to meet their needs.”

There are multiple categories for multiple winners, almost 20. The championship is Chris Ebinger.

The students themselves really like these celebrations. Many of them wear their own clothing to participate in this event.

James Levan, 24, is one of the majors in history at Levittown. He came to the party like a Spartan.

“I am here just to have fun.” Lewan declared. “I am very happy to be able to send candy at home before Halloween.”

Nikole Gesualdi, a 20-year-old culinary arts professional from Levittown, also appeared. Gesualdi came to this party dressed as a bee, which looks a bit like a zombie and was carefully named “zom-bee”.

“I am just here to participate in all competitions and free food,” Gesualdi said. “I can’t wait to send candy on Halloween.”

There is even a group of people who play several roles in the hit movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Shanzeh Khan, a 21-year-old biomedical science professional, plays the good witch Glinda. The 19-year-old psychology major, Sylvia Sales, comes with Dorothy clothing, while Katie Chookagian, 19, has a film and video major and is dressed as a Western evil witch.

“I like the Halloween party very much, so I am very happy to be here,” Khan commented. “Halloween, I can’t wait to eat a lot of candy.”

“I am here to support and appreciate student life,” Salas said. “I am really happy to dress up for Halloween.”

“My friend is the reason I am here; I just like to go out with them.” Chookagian claims. “Most of the time, I like to give children candy on Halloween, and this year will not be different.”

If you want to party, whether it is dressed as a person, I hope you have a grand Halloween this year. Remember, we still need to celebrate Thanksgiving before the final Christmas.


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